How to Make $$$ by removing GOLD from old cellphones!!!

How to remove gold,aluminum,and copper from old cell phones for profit

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19 Responses to How to Make $$$ by removing GOLD from old cellphones!!!

  1. Iftikhar Khan says:

    We all can Open a Cell phone ( by hammer), How to extract that GOLD>>>>>>>>. What is the quantity in milligrams per phone???

  2. Emma Morris says:

    Great video! Electronics if you add them up you can extract a descent amount of gold parts:) Think of all the electronics that are not recycled one day someone may buy the property and dig up those landfills to extract more gold parts to recycle and sell. Also better for the environment getting toxic waste out of the earth's ground:)

  3. Bonded Bee says:

    Where did u get the phones

  4. Bonded Bee says:

    Im gonna melt this

  5. Derek Staroba says:

    can use an acid to extract precious metals by dissolving everything else

  6. fwupow says:

    A month's work for 2 hour's pay. That's why do this stuff in India. Oops, I forgot the USA is a 3rd world country now.


    you're better off collecting soda cans lol…

  8. tubedude54 says:

    How many phones I need to get 1 oz of gold?? 5000? 10000? Where can I get that many phones for free?? All I see is a big waste of time… go get a job delivering pizzas and you will make more money!

  9. helpdeskjnp says:

    I was smiling the whole time I watched this, as it's funny how I am the same as you, I just haven't sold anything yet. Wish you all the best sir!

  10. Madhu Cambridge says:

    arey sale em pitchakuntla video ra sale

  11. stephen harvey says:

    you get about 20 cents for all that shit…

  12. Shimon Kahloun says:


  13. Christopher Sizemore says:

    you should make a video on stripping copper out of houses… good money

  14. Acidic Garden says:

    i learned something new.

  15. plod1 plod1 says:

    where to sell this stuff,i have over 600 those plates from cellphones and computers .. ??

  16. Jeremiah Ferwerda says:

    grab a hammer and smash the shit out of it.

  17. Jake Reeves says:

    That's a really stupid video a waist of your time an mine as well thanks

  18. Leroy Hoffman says:

    have you ever actually sold anything?