How to Remove Scratches from your Smartphone’s Screen

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48 Responses to How to Remove Scratches from your Smartphone’s Screen

  1. ian moone says:

    0:10 -Indian Rap God

  2. Rawad Salameh says:

    none of them worked

  3. Son Goku says:

    Wtf is this really igyaan

  4. SïlèñtKîllêr XD says:

    I thought I am watching how to basic

  5. DLAROC says:

    Would this work on plastic displays like the Nintendo Switch?

  6. Ryan Jack says:

    Just got my note 8 on Saturday (2days ago) dropped it once it’s in a case but has a small slightly deep scratch I’m fucking fuming with rage about it my OCD is killing me I hope this works good thing the note 8 is waterproof.

  7. Dakshesh Verma says:

    hey I’m using an Samsung s6 without scratch guard and it has got some scratches will this method work

  8. Rodney hart says:

    Fuck all the trolls with irrelevant hate filled opinions that chose to comment. With that being said, thanx for the info bud. Have you ever tried the plastic polish that they sell at the auto parts stores? and if so, did it work better/worse/same compared to the methods in this vid? i know it works awesome at removing scratches from headlights, but I dunno if the plastics are the same.

  9. Mushy Knight says:

    does this thing work

  10. Evan Fulcher says:

    Can we have a redo in English?

  11. Nexures says:

    shitty fake paki

  12. Cap Calin says:

    wow… you removed the scratched screen protector,lying indian cunt "Thank you come again" :))))

  13. gajendra patel says:

    Not working

  14. aakash Bhadoriya says:


  15. Sauce Bung BOOCE says:

    does this work for clash royale? my cat keeps 3 staring me.

  16. aman says:

    This does not remove scratches but erodes the screen layer, don’t try this

  17. TechThatYT says:

    What kind of cheap phone is that!?!? Not to be rude

  18. StoopVital says:

    Indian tech support has failed me once again

  19. Marcus Davis says:

    i wonder if he eat curry lol

  20. HayanoKun17 says:

    Came here for the racist comments

  21. SRTechTrend says:

    Best Channel In the world

  22. FsuAtl Is the bomb says:

    That guy really keyed his own phone

  23. adi swapnil gamer says:

    It will not harm to redmi pls answer

  24. Rica Silver says:

    Does it also work on scratches put by cats?

  25. angela mae mupada says:

    oh dear. DO YOU KNOW MY LITTLE BROTHER COATED HIS PHONE WITH TOOTHPASTE??? MY 8 YEAR OLD LIL’ BRO??? All we can think to be the reason why he did it is he saw a video where toothpaste is used on cellphone to remove scratches. But then, instead of just applying it on the screen, he COATED THE WHOLE PHONE.

  26. Nk miles says:

    how to remove the scratches from my nikon b500 screen

  27. Saswata Satapathy says:

    Stupid ideas

  28. AdamG1983 says:

    Surprise, surprise, the baking soda method doesn’t work.

    Wonderful, deceptive click-bait garbage.

  29. Alan Leo says:

    Does this work in 2017

  30. Marian Parasca says:

    what cream

  31. Anshal Aziz says:

    Does it actually work?

  32. Epic Salt says:

    I’ve heard that 300 grit sandpaper works even better. Fibers from the Sandpaper will break off and fill in the gaps and they pretty much pain by themselves. Leaving no scratches

  33. MrChrizyzel says:

    Will it still work with android oreo?

  34. Marian Parasca says:

    what dust is that?

  35. clamo6362 says:

    Actually, this don’t work. I have tried every other method except for auto lens restoration kits. None work. The only real way to get scratches out is using the right sand paper AND know what you are doing.

  36. BIG NOOB says:

    Lmao why cant kids under 10 do this

  37. Death Runners says:

    after this treatment you should put a screen protector on your phone so that your screens coating doesn’t really matter ( also to prevent future damage)

  38. edon mani says:

    Can i use Protein powder

  39. Dhvanil Patel says:

    must use Colgate?

  40. Anjali Bhati says:

    can I use baking powder

  41. Viral Founder says:

    Can I do it for broken screen

  42. rupesh jha says:

    Tera dimag is awesome

  43. Sarswa Durgadatt says:

    BhI saf nhi hota phone

  44. Mr KharE Hulk says:

    so that means i can use my fone to brush my teeths??? due to paste traces left…