How to Scrap old Cell Phones for *Gold Recovery Short video showing how and what to scrap in old cell phones and prepare them for gold and other precious metals recovery.

Also see the USGS pdf report “Recycled Cell Phones—A Treasure Trove of Valuable Metals” (2006):
But do not forget to adjust the prices to gold’s current value.

The report suggests an avarage gold content of 0.034g per cell phone:
At 2005 – 0.034g was worth 0.4$
At todays prices (1700$ an ounce) – 0.034 is worth 1.85$

Will scrapping cell phones make you rich? probably not.
But it will make you some extra cash.


I have made this short list for US citizens who wants to sell scrap electronics. You can contact these following scrap buyers:

Gold Chip Buyer –
Relectrocycle –
CashforComputerScrap –
Mike, South Eastern Ohio – (740)350-1272

I have hand picked these scrap buyer as i know they are very honest and stright forward.
I did not receive any incentive nor will i receive any future commision from these scrap buyers. I’m happy to put their links here as i believe they are trustworthy and will treat you fairly.

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20 Responses to How to Scrap old Cell Phones for *Gold Recovery

  1. Mr. Samee says:

    these are coppers you fools, just guessing,no offence…………

  2. Life Lessons says:

    now reassemble it

  3. James Longworth says:

    Anyway. Lots of magnets and gold.

  4. James Longworth says:

    I only took the magnets out

  5. talon55130 says:

    Videos like this are PURE Bull S—T. There isn't enough gold inside any phone to waste your time opening the damn thing up. Also once you've gone to all the trouble HOW do you extract the gold? It's worthless unless it's refined. Try showing up at a gold dealer with a box full of broken down phones. They'll toss your A@@ right out the door. Any gold in a phone is on the electrical contact points and it's microns thick. IF your lucky, had the right chemicals, machinery and knowledge you MIGHT be able to recover 1 ounce of gold if you processed about 500,000 phones. It would also cost about $10 of your time and money PER PHONE to do all this BS. In the majority of electronic equipment with gold in them, there is AT BEST maybe 20 or 30 CENTS worth of gold in them.

  6. Syahmi Abdul Majid says:

    Ahhh all the cellphone they toss to the seas and sports !!!

  7. thanhtay aung says:


  8. Lord Lundi Pol says:

    I want to thank everyone here for making me laugh. I really enjoyed all the funny comments you all have posted. :D

  9. Caba Wo Chilli says:

    Are you sure that is gold

  10. ‫سعد علي‬‎ says:

    هاي نحاس

  11. Jason Manson says:

    Fools gold ! Haha.

  12. Ben Felizer says:

    and you doing it today 2016?

  13. Nassim Karim says:


  14. Liridon Miftari says:

    I have 2000 old phone

  15. Qwame Love123 says:

    is that real gold

  16. Panhandle Sharkteeth says:

    Great video!Please sub back!Thanks!

  17. Tobias Karl says:

    is not full gold … only a thin surface is gold

  18. connie luccee says:

    Gold is in a lot of things since its a really good conducter

  19. Qwirky Feet says:

    Where did you get all of those Nokias?

  20. friendsANDsuch says:

    I found a phone exactly like that