HTC First Unboxing (Facebook Phone)

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19 Responses to HTC First Unboxing (Facebook Phone)

  1. Keichelle Hendricks says:

    Look we got another want to be iPhone

  2. zakiya benson says:

    I got one

  3. Ardit Gashi says:

    i thank you mach

  4. NICK westbrook says:

    what is this called acause i have it also but its locked on a sighn in with gmail wich this phone was given by my friend whos dead now so how would i fix this???

  5. Sophia Ungaro says:

    i have that phone it is ok but its got its own problems…..

  6. Al Jean says:

    IPhone 5c's long lost twin..

  7. Tom Heinz says:

    Looks like the retarded cousin of Iphone 5c

  8. PJ Dougherty IT Services says:

    how do you answer a call?

  9. Harley Quinn says:

    You scared me for a second with email lol, we both use our names for it.

  10. Mason Kim says:

    wow this video was pretty useless.

  11. bertog707 says:

    You look like lil durk

  12. GNEX 2020 says:

    Can any one tell me if this has a led on the back like the droid dna (htc) and if the front notification led is capable of multiple colors?

  13. the quest says:

    where is the cheapest place to get the phone in the UK

  14. Marissawv 197837 says:

    I love mine but my bf has it set up differently 

  15. Cole says:

    Did he say he would put the sticker on his lawnmower lol?

  16. Mikule Walters says:

    It sucks that this phone didn't do well 🙁 I was rooting for it go mark!

  17. ADPTOmegaXx says:

    Wanna be iPhone 5c

  18. Chuck Norris says:

    Who actually bought one??

  19. Michel Akel says:

    iPhone 5C before it was cool.