Husbands – “You, Me, Cellphones”

Music: Husbands _ Video directed by Cauboyz

“Husbands EP” is now available via Microphone Recordings :


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16 Responses to Husbands – “You, Me, Cellphones”

  1. SEVERIN Pauline says:

    Perfect song !!!!

  2. Ryan Bergan says:

    showtime's shameless introduced me to airy janes last carpet ride..then i found this gem…and dreams…..amazing…music still has no boundries

  3. Louis Roe says:

    I bet most people who've come here have been snowboarders, burton presents backcountry

  4. ThatOldHumour says:

    i saw these guys last night at the paleo music festival in Switzerland! much better live tho

  5. TripGamer says:

    This video needs more views.

  6. Beach pls says:

    Good snowboard brought me here

  7. Misaki NGT says:

    I finally found the chords by listening and listening the song again and again ! So proud !

  8. Nic Song (Shen) says:

    love the music and the music video!!!

  9. No Free Will says:

    21st century soft rock is what this is.

  10. Lidiane Maciel says:

    Husbands – <3  <3  <3

  11. sigraviovio says:

    Oui d'accord!!!!! Viens on bosse ensemble mais t'es pas obligé de faire des trucs avec moi j'aime aussi quand c'est comme quand je suis pas la sauf que je sais pas comment c'est pcq suis pas la:)!!!! 

  12. Daniil Kadykov says:

    I need a lyrics!

  13. boniccal says:

    Way groovy.

  14. t o z v says:

    Your music is brilliant! 

  15. RaGe Clan snipez says:

    Favorit snowboarding song

  16. Pasha Defragzor says:

    idk why but its reminds me push the tempo from fatboy slim :D