I Forgot My Phone

I Forgot My Phone

Written by Charlene deGuzman
Directed by Miles Crawford
Starring Charlene deGuzman

With (in order of appearance)
Jacob Womack
Nick Luciano
Ani Baker
Sabrina London
Sean London
Garrett Hanson
Alana Dietze
Oleana Taalman-Koch
Reshma Gajjar
David Brown
Mark Schroeder
Yak Manrique
Ele Woods
Cynthia Kao
Josh Kaplan
Dylan Booth Vigus
Zach Fairless
Zac Oyama
Nick Rasmussen
Tom Fox
Paul James
Smoke Season
Kevin Daniels
J Lee
Brittany Geronimo
Matt Geronimo
Farley Crawford
Frank Natale
Tracie Thoms
Jason E. Kelley
Jim Holdridge
Jack Krizmanich



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20 Responses to I Forgot My Phone

  1. Jaketherake101 says:

    This is nothing like real life, nobody films anything with their phones, nobody randomly takes non important calls, nobody uses their phones in social situations. There is nothing wrong with technology , if you don't like it, don't use it!

  2. Sneaky Sarranid says:

    Technology is the work of Satan! We must all go back to the stone age!

  3. Михаил Воробьёв says:

    The main problem isn't about smartphones- dig deeper – it's all about limitless consumption, upbringing problem, created by the people, who has power and money, who wants to become more powerful and richer by making everybody else stupid consumers.

  4. Sp00kee_comentr420 says:

    wow are genyration is so fucked lol 90's kid 4ever

  5. Holland Salomon says:

    12k people are constantly on twitter, instagram, snapchat, and other apps I don't know about….

    and they're all REALLY hurting in the butt about this video.

  6. Basil Umeh says:

    This video has so much BIAS it is BS.

  7. Alice Michou says:

    Well done…hilarious! I've dealt with a form of internet through my work (via an Airlines Global distribution system) and worn a telephone headset all day long, since 1989, before the internet and smart phone become available. However, I always kept to the minimum and still use a "dumb" phone only for emergency until these days (March 2016). This is because I'd like to be aware of my environment, and have time for real tasks.

  8. Muffinz :3 says:

    Why can I not help but feel sad watching that video?

  9. Muffinz :3 says:

    This is my current generation. . .

  10. Alex Trujillo says:

    this is exactly where the government wants us. highly intellectual people I give them that.

  11. Joe Farrar says:

    Replace them for books, hypocrites.

  12. GalaxyLove7 says:

    I miss old nokia and sony ericsson phones! It was much better than nowadays smartphones :P

  13. GalaxyLove7 says:

    This addiction is like taking drugs, smoking or drinking

  14. Lucas Silva says:

    Im here because of teens react

  15. Maksim Fima says:

    Я разрушу все телефоны в мире:)))

  16. / says:

    This woman has the busiest social life of all time.

  17. Luis Mendez says:

    Humans have shut them selves in with these handheld machines
    They've lost there way of love and listening


  18. Frederick Connelly says:

    Personally I think using your phone by yourself is completely fine. However, if you are with other people, you should make an effort to interact with them and not just have your eyes glued to your phone.

  19. Berry ॐ Rebelle says:

    ➧➧➧IDIOTS everywhere you look !!! "I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction;
    we will have a generation of idiots." ~ Albert Einstein

  20. trash af says:

    this is why i hate this generation