If All Movies Had Cell Phones

Your favorite films just got a lot shorter.

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20 Responses to If All Movies Had Cell Phones

  1. Spectre Gaming says:

    I love Gilligans Island

  2. hausser0815 says:

    Telly, you have aids.

  3. Mary Whipple says:

    I wonder what kind of service they get in the Underground…

  4. Gab Springer says:

    home alone too acurate

  5. Steve Syed says:

    The last one, the Fight Club one, was brilliant.

  6. Luis Garcia says:

    Ok, in Gilligan's island, wouldn't they have "no signal?"

  7. 666TeenageWhore says:

    I've probably never seen a bigger spoiler that this…

  8. Rachel Murphy says:

    The one always lie one always tells the truth dilemma is really not a dilemma at all. Just ask them what one plus one is. If they answer 2 then they're telling the truth

  9. Joshua Lausin says:

    The new Disney movie about animals, they all have fucking cellphone!

  10. Supermagical Cookie says:

    Some times I feel like I'm the only one who likes old shows

  11. Arbiter40 says:

    The lack of iPhones makes me sad

  12. azure niosaki says:

    I wish the Blair Witch was that way. Would have given me back an hour of wasted time looking at trees.

  13. MrComputerSaint says:

    Everyone should watch Cellular, it's terrible, but it ties in pretty well with this video.

  14. Noodles Luke11 says:

    Isn't Gilligan's Island a TV show?

  15. DISHES says:

    the time before smart phones

  16. kitkat warrior pony says:

    I think it's funny that they have flip phones

  17. coolcat kitty cat meow meow chan says:

    Imagine that in insidious instead of just freaking out about o shit there's a ghost in my house, they could just pick up a phone and say…………… "Uh hey mom can you call the cops or can I stay at your house I think this dead girl is trying to KILL me, also can we have chicken for dinner?

  18. Blue Collar Men Productions says:

    The fight club one was amazing

  19. Anaterka says:

    just membered the old bond movies and o guess i prefer them over modern ones. it's kind of weird seeing bond using a mobile

  20. Garry V says:

    Gilligan's Island is NOT a movie.