If Cell Phones Didn’t Exist

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Hope you enjoyed If Cell Phones Didn’t Exist. The world would be so different without cell phones. People would pay attention more, be more social without social media, and eat their food without having to take pictures of it first. But, we still love our cell phones. LMAO.

If you read this far, type “Did anyone see the elephant in the background?” in the comment section. Lets confuse EVERYONE?
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16 Responses to If Cell Phones Didn’t Exist

  1. Nicola Figini says:

    The board games clips are really funny.

  2. cynda percy says:

    haha on point!!!!!

  3. Random vid says:

    hey guys i uploaded my first ever video please go see it

  4. haran raji says:

    are you tamil

  5. Amina Junaid says:


  6. Rashika Mp says:

    The TRUTH!!! hihi loved it

  7. azhar shaikh says:


  8. Sweta Das says:


  9. •AR• says:

    Yo…This channel is BLOWING UP! It's amazing how much your guys' sub count has grown, and it should be growing faster! You guys have awesome content (but I gotta make sure my parents aren't around when I'm watching tho :P) and it keeps getting better and better! Keep it up youtwoTV!!!

  10. Ben Barba says:

    Do some turn up videos like how Punjabi's party vs whites brruuah lol

  11. Alize Farhin says:

    what is the name of song you guys play at the end of every youtube video?

  12. PrinceArab 999 says:

    What's that red food 2:50 lool

  13. salman dalichand says:

    you guys did an amazing work on this video. nice concept covering naked truth of nowadays. just showing off not living life with feelings.

  14. ATrunkFullofBooks says:

    People DID live like this not too long ago. Guess what? Their lives had more meaning, their marriages lasted longer, and kids actually cared about getting an education. How I long for those times to come back. :

  15. Emaan Fareed says:

    am I the only one who is more like the one without cell phones !! lol !! but the video was true.. many people are like that 'take a picture of their food, when they are eating food…' and the never ending lost continues. !! ♥♥

  16. priyanshi gautam says:

    The video was amazing