If Phones were Added to Minecraft

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These days even the youngest kids are carrying around a cell phone with them. It’s changed how humans act because we can now hold cell phones in front of our face to avoid having actual conversations with people. But what if Cell Phones were added in the game of Minecraft? How would this change the way we play the game we love?

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19 Responses to If Phones were Added to Minecraft

  1. AGdolls forever says:

    Do If Notch Didn't Have His Computer!

  2. RC Craft says:

    we're the textures token from real life?

  3. TheDerpyMango :3 says:

    There are phones in mine raft

  4. DiamonD Gamer says:


  5. DiamonD Gamer says:


  6. Lyckilig Kanel says:

    at the end:
    TNT:My name is…
    JOHN CENAAAAAAAAA tatatatataaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Wind says:

    I knew it was JOHN CENA

  8. Clash on Justice / MinecraftPE says:

    WARNING 6:05 Jumpscare

  9. Flower Phan says:

    sarcastically Who was that guy in the diamond armour was his name Dylan or Bryan I can't tell….

  10. Attlie Ann says:


  11. Binh Huynh says:

    phones are added

  12. CoolStuff620 says:

    Wait they were texting "Dylan" when he came he said "nobody kills Bryan"

  13. Joshua Chase says:

    5:45 I knew it.

  14. Miss Johnson says:

    if animals and players switched ☺☺

  15. Miss Johnson says:

    if ppl had fingers!!!!

  16. Malhar Ramcharran says:

    If this really happened to Minecraft I would be famous for my YouTube channel on servers

  17. minecraft says:

    An i the only one that expected John cena?

  18. Z and C's Crazy Channel says:

    Bwahahahaha! 5:30 and 5:50!

  19. Delmy Lopez says:

    if xbox and ps4 was added mc