iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing / 3D Touch First Look

iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing / 3D Touch First Look

The iPhone 6s Plus is here, and (S-year or no), we’re duty-bound to unbox it. Join us for our iPhone 6s Plus unboxing and 3D Touch hands-on, and leave a comment below letting us know what you want to see in our full iPhone 6S Plus review, coming soon!


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17 Responses to iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing / 3D Touch First Look

  1. xlSneak-_ says:

    You're pretty funny dude. Here, have a like.

  2. Osagie Aghedo says:

    16 gigs is plenty for me

  3. panfishing 101 says:

    You cuss a lot I'm unsubscribing

  4. Finn h Bhj says:

    really bad review

  5. Gaming Boss says:

    Damn he said if u an idiot lol

  6. plsartorio22 says:

    very straight forward! i'm subscribing

  7. Loise Alexiou says:

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  8. C.R STAR7 says:

    please reply me

  9. Talha Sandhu says:

    For someone like me, who is always on youtube watching anime and stuff, should I get 6s plus or 6s? I like 6s size more but the 6s plus has longer battery. idk what I wanna get.

  10. tottyanne2010 says:

    I have iPhone 5c but it's faulty so saveing up for iPhone 6s plus or at least iPhone 6 xxxx

  11. Mark Janiel De Leon says:

    I want this!

  12. brontie and ella connell says:

    i want one its so cool can you buy me one )))))

  13. Renz Policarpio says:

    I love iphones

  14. Amy Jarvis says:

    You know you can BUY other chargers for the iPhone? I have 2 pink ones and one lights up when it's charging and the other is freaking long!! Light up one came from Target last year and the long pink one I think Wal Greens or Office Depot one of those

  15. Redfirenicole says:

    I want this phone!!! I have a crappy (SHATTERED) un working——- iPhone 6s

  16. Mihnea Rares says:

    Im tilifon la fel

  17. newc00712321 says:

    Why the fuck is everyone saying the 16gb is insanely bad. It's fine and you can just buy more space when you run out its logic