iPhone 7 Clone Unboxing!

iPhone 7 Clone Unboxing!

iPhone 7 vs 6S Unboxing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPUuumNUw6U&list=PL02HDVnTgIcpnnRo8PRZDJnxILA2IHIpI&index=1
iPhone 7 Clone Unboxing + Hands on/sneak peek of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and potentially the iPhone 7 Pro!
iPhone 7 Leaks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogC4mfOH11Q&list=PLqcaiHQwxA9gWWz-l_C2Ai536Gxz3_cLJ&index=3

iPhone 7 Unboxing Clone Source! https://bit.ly/BeSound

Dream Desk 3 – https://youtu.be/KKlO3Bof7uw
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16 Responses to iPhone 7 Clone Unboxing!

  1. arnava naidu says:

    Rey moka pls show front part of the phone da

  2. danish93 says:

    So we can't listen music and charge the phone in one time. Good news Apple !!! What a great success since iphone 5.

  3. Macaroni And Cheese says:

    I love ur vids. But i seriously need a phone so can i please win the giveaway

  4. AllRoundGamersFTW says:

    is LITERALLY no one going to wonder why he didn't turn it around once???

  5. Kabir bhatia says:

    where did you buy

  6. Mateja Markovic says:

    It's ugly af

  7. Gasoline says:

    "it looks really close to the iphone" well are iphones all the same

  8. Xrod Gaming says:

    Is this legit?

  9. Ney Mito says:

    Onde comprar

  10. Lizzy Rose says:

    Is that the iPhone 7 from China which is fake

  11. jerry l says:

    I like 6s more than 7

  12. Jory Jody says:


  13. Mr legit productions says:

    I'm fine with no headphone jack but all im saying is that THEY BETTER INCLUDE WIRELESS HEADPHONES IN THE BOX!!!!!! cuz they're expensive

  14. Dylan D Fleck says:

    I want the iPhone 7 when it comes out. I got the Galaxy S7 and don't really like it, wished I would've stuck with the iPhone

  15. Brandon Thornhill says:

    Best video ever made

  16. semgil1 says:

    Camera protuberance seems a pimple