iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black: Unboxing a Unicorn!

iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black: Unboxing a Unicorn!

FINALLY, it arrived – with scratches out of the box and all LOL. Join me on watching this thing turn into a scratched mess for my full review =) AND NO SCRATCHES ARE NOT FROM MY RING. They are in a straight line all up and down the phone*
4K video test

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17 Responses to iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black: Unboxing a Unicorn!

  1. Janice Solomon says:

    overcome plenty for beach whole.

  2. Ruben Baca says:

    My aunts iphone 7 + broke as soon as shee got it didnt last 2 minouts

  3. Farkas Sándor says:

    CAN you link The iPhone 7 plus gold wallpaper pls 😀 ?

  4. Yasin Shaikh says:

    my favorite color red and orange


    I got it for 1700₹


    I got it for 1700₹

  7. Rafi Spicer says:

    1:34 she slaps it like ''who's your daddy " XD

  8. Subhinder Singh says:

    Is the body of jet black made of plastic??

  9. Dinmark Abanto says:

    do you prefer the note 7 or iphone 7 plus?

  10. Doosal Navarro says:

    I want one so bad!!!!!

  11. muhd shazili says:

    verlis loves you

  12. Insha Malik says:

    If you are reading this..I hope you are having a good day…☺

  13. Razvan Dragos says:

    Hey guys please check out my iPhone 7Plus videos. I got it in silver and gold! Thank you

  14. Keale Cade says:

    The stock for my area in Maryland has the gold 7 Plus available now, but the jet black won't be available until November 17th.
    I don't mind the smudges I think the jet black is worth waiting for!

  15. simbeane says:

    Hi Erica, does your phone make creaking sounds when you gently twist your phone? Mine makes very audible sounds :((

  16. Lifted “geko95gek” Andreas says:

    Looks like ugly plastic lol.

    I have a question, how do you manage to use these massive phones with such small hands? I kinda thought your favourite phone would be something like a OnePlus X or a Nexus 5X due to size.

  17. mohd azaharuddin chhimpa says:

    it is easy to operate by hand is possible or not??