iPhone 7 Plus unboxing and first impressions

iPhone 7 Plus unboxing and first impressions

Unboxing and first impressions of the iPhone 7 Plus.
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19 Responses to iPhone 7 Plus unboxing and first impressions

  1. ilyes lebaal says:

    I'm i the only one that noticed the head of the earpods is just like the head of the lightning charger ?!!!!! O.o

  2. kiara hunt says:

    this is fake bc the black comes in a black box

  3. Bertrand Presles says:

    Until Bluetooth 5.0, bluetooth headphones suck.

  4. TheInfamous CJF says:

    Why do you have a silly plug in the box?

  5. Susan Blak says:

    this is fake clearly

  6. Dylan SanInocencio says:

    There is a tab to pull the plastic off u don't need a knife

  7. Jayne Preucil says:

    I just ordered the iPhone 7 plus matte black 256GB today (switching to Verizon). Unfortunately I had to order it bc it was on back order until oct 26. But I can't wait to receive it in the mail!!

  8. Darren Rogers says:

    Jesus Christ this guys annoying

  9. northlander says:

    I am thinking of going from android to ios but i am not a goofy , giggly teenager .

  10. Chesnee Langley says:

    On the upgrade is the phone free?

  11. Aryan Tiwari says:

    Long time no seen , nice to hear you again,

  12. Dumb Hoe says:

    ur so dumb. you don't need a knife to open it. there's a pull tab

  13. Allen Murphy says:

    Am getting the iPhone 7 plus I have a iPhone 6s now it is to small for me I need a bigger phone

  14. King J says:

    Apple sells the little stand where you can charge your phone and plug your head phone for $50.00

  15. Christian Hyde says:

    you dont need a knife to open them any more its a pull tab now 😛 even though the knife is fun..

  16. George LA says:

    dam this phone is sweet, I'm going to switch to this exact phone from samsung note 5. nice vid

  17. Dylan Chadderton says:

    I Just throw a ninja cat stick over it – LOL. So great. F-Apple. #WindowsPhoneTillIDie

  18. Stefan Ivanovic says:

    I will subscribe when you stop recording videos with phone! Maybe you're into that 2008-ish video look, who knows. Or at least use Lumia 950, I know you have one.

  19. Ashish Patel says:

    ehhh not really impressed.