iPhone 7 Plus vs WATER?!?! OMG! + Unboxing

Hi Guys! In today’s video im going to make an unboxing of the new iPhone 7 Plus in Rose Gold! The new iPhone 7 is supposed to be 100% Waterproof so let’s test that out! 📱💦💦💦

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more videos like this, or pranks, science projects, magic tricks , Halloween diys, or whatever you want! I love you guys so much! 😀

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18 Responses to iPhone 7 Plus vs WATER?!?! OMG! + Unboxing

  1. Amaria Ollaff says:

    Apple is so smart the excluded the head phone jack so you had to either get the adapter thing or get the air phones/ear pods whatever

  2. Amaria Ollaff says:

    Why do people put unboxing videos of there new iphones or apple products it is not like the hole world needs to no about this no offence i don't mean to be mean i am just saying ):

  3. Amaria Ollaff says:

    did,t you have the i phone 6 and also what happens if the water test fails that would be a waste of mony

  4. Justine Hernandez says:

    Am I the only person who doesn't own any iPhone? :c I hop Maphie will give me her old iPhone just kidding (but I hope so) XD

  5. Maria Parra says:

    The iPhone 7 is pretty cool but I'm going to stick with my iPhone 6+

  6. Lizbeth Miron says:

    that is so so so cooooooool

  7. ‫מאיר כהן‬‎ says:


  8. Georgia Nathan says:

    How much was the iPhone?

  9. GamingAndLifestyle88 says:

    Does it work on iPhone 7 or only iPhone 7 plus

  10. 0oBEYOUTIFUL o0 says:

    lava book mark?

  11. sosn w9djs says:

    ew your accent

  12. Delmi Pena says:

    notfumb like you

  13. Page Walden says:

    Hey Guy ! I just received IPHONE 7 FREE From Here , register now ==> https://t.co/IAgNvh2lu6

  14. Sheridan Burke says:

    The iPhone isn't water proof it's water resistant

  15. Karen Evelyn Calderon Soto says:

    abla en espanol si

  16. makeup.by.isabella says:

    I know who's poor alondra martinez

  17. Crazy Enough To Be Me says:

    say hi once clap your hands twice nod your head 5 times pat your stomach 8 times rub your hands together 3 times and tap your head once and if you don't at 12 o'clock you will find a cute yellow visitor