iPhone SE – Unboxing Every Color

iPhone SE Unboxing – Gold, Rose Gold, Silver & Space Gray!
Philips Hue + Saint Motel Shoot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmkgcAI9neA
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18 Responses to iPhone SE – Unboxing Every Color

  1. RafidMannan says:

    Witch colour Iphone se do you like???

  2. Misael Arellano says:

    That's just crazy… it's an iPhone 5s!!!

  3. Abbi Dk says:

    woooooooow brother.
    I really really love those phone so much. unfortunately, I don have money for buying. :(

  4. Zeepee says:

    He coolio he'll reply

  5. Mahesh Walatara says:


  6. Miguel Hernandez says:

    Do y'all return the iPhone's back or can y'all do a give away ? In need of one I'm broke college student

  7. Vivek Blake says:

    really nice Beanie's

  8. nishant meher says:

    Thanks for the review!!!

  9. Amirul Aiman says:

    give me one of those iphone lol jk btw love your video

  10. Vigen Hovhannisyan says:

    do it

  11. alion22 says:

    i want the spacegrey' thx

  12. Nitish Kumar says:

    keep up the good work, jonathan. the review video looks stunning in 4k……. i needed some guidance on choosing gear for video recording……….. my buds and me are shooting a movie……. P.S……. once again great video you the best!!!

  13. Kaylin Wynter says:

    I want an iPhone SE

  14. Usman Yahya says:

    WOW i want one. If you do a give away hmu im right here ;)

  15. Daniel Solis says:


  16. Logan Carbaugh says:

    The SE is a solid phone if you love your 5s and would like to keep the functionality of your cases/lenses/etc.. While overhauling your phones speed and improving certain things that needed improvement.

  17. Gabriel Gonzalez says:

    can i have the gold