iPhone SE Unboxing + Review!

Unboxing and checking out the new 4 inch iPhone SE and comparing it to the other current line up of Apple’s iPhones!
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17 Responses to iPhone SE Unboxing + Review!

  1. Lisa Wood says:

    Just bought mine yesterday and it's exactly what I wanted! Why would I want a bulky phone that doesn't fit into a pocket? If I want to get serious about a large screen, I'll conveniently get on my laptop. I don't want to have to lug around a bulky phone. If you're not blind, the screen is just fine. If you have a legal document to read, get on a computer. For someone who doesn't have a laptop, then perhaps you do need a larger phone. This one easily fits into a pocket or side pocket of a purse. It has internal upgrades that suit the hell out of me. Seems silly to act like it is some kind of astonishing revelation, that there would be phones this size while 5's have been out for a long time and 4's were close in size. I've been in iPhones for years, so this is certainly not new to me, that I just didn't know better. It all depends on what you want and I WANTED the smaller size. Thank you, Apple for accommodating me!

  2. Allison Barsi says:

    I have the iPhone se

  3. Denver Cayle Ong says:

    Apple:It doesn't matter what we sell,you'll buy it anyway

  4. The mine chicken says:

    Srsly this is not a review. Just saying you don't know enough about what tech is and how it works you can't make a great review, still, liked the video anyway.

  5. Bia Bobby Putri says:

    Can you give me one of your Iphones? I even cant buy a new one T_T

  6. Michael Maslowski says:

    Thanks. Exactly what I needed. You made a great point, only need a phone for basic reasons and you pointed them out really nice.

  7. Elias Azzi says:

    thumbs up is You need all these apple devices

  8. Gabriella Cristinna says:

    so que tive quer ler a legenda

  9. Gabriella Cristinna says:

    Muito bom parabens amei

  10. Jeremy Davenport says:

    All the SE is the The 6S Put inside a smaller package!?!? Not the latest and greatest what?

  11. BACKMAN13 says:

    Why didnt see turn it on?

  12. Micah Binion says:

    Her talking to your dick, it's so small, it's a baby

  13. Saurav Bhattarai says:

    Am I the only one how find her attractive?

  14. ♥rainbow2737♥ says:

    iPhone 6 is just the right size for me..so I'm not going to get this se thing >.>

  15. Caidence Dunlap says:

    can you do an iPod 6 unboxing??

  16. Alyssa Doe says:

    It looks just like the 5 gtfo

  17. Jessica Reign says:

    Se= Shitty Edition
    lol just jokin