John’s Phone Unboxing

John's Phone Unboxing

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20 Responses to John’s Phone Unboxing

  1. Michele W says:

    My near-70 parents have the most simple cell phone ever (flip phone) and after years of owning various ones still can't operate the daggum things!!! But I need to hear the ringtone of this phone before I can convince my dad to pay $300 for one. My hard of hearing friends mom needs one so I need to know how loud the loudest setting is of the ring.

  2. lltrtc44 says:

    I got one the other day… finally freedom at last from texting!!! It feels amazing.

  3. James Demaggio says:

    Buying it.

  4. asdasd asdasd says:

    f ucking shit

  5. The Law says:

    You look and sound 15 how the fuck are you 40

  6. Cal Temple says:

    I have this thing called a ummmm Samsung Galaxy. Get on 2016's level

  7. Let'sPlayWithY&Y says:


  8. Isaiah Isaiah says:

    You fart your comments islamic idiot

  9. Isaacs Nepia says:

    Talk about next gen

  10. Valdezboii says:

    he doesnt look that old wtf

  11. HAVOC gaming says:

    what the.fuck is that

  12. UfoMarketTV says:

    Hi Andy, I love ur phone, where u find it? Greetings from lima :)

  13. Tiffany Lathrop says:

    I've been watching you since I was a kid. You've never changed and you're awesome. Thank you for years of hilarity. hugs

  14. will gist says:

    How old are you

  15. Alisha Edvardson says:

    how old r u?

  16. Xx_MLGTIGER _xX says:

    Go fuck yourself or some dumb shit go fuck yourself

  17. SpiritGvn says:

    this would be nice phone for plugs

  18. L-Y3T says:

    Talk about going back to basics.

  19. zunq 19 says:

    LOL Looks like a nintendo ds

  20. Sliminem Shady says:

    hey my first name