Kids and Their Cell Phones

Kids and Their Cell Phones

Ellen talked about the ever younger population of cellphone users!
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20 Responses to Kids and Their Cell Phones

  1. Cindy Leong says:

    I got a phone when I was five year old

  2. Roblox Chick says:

    I'm gonna get my first cell phone when I'm 25.

  3. Shyann Puryear says:

    lol i died wen she said "how many grammys do u have!"

  4. Allistair Truesdale says:

    i got my first phone at 9 but it was 5 days before my birthday

  5. Rosalina Naranjo says:

    I got my phone since i was about 5 or 6

  6. shasya a says:

    i will get a phone this year!

  7. CupCake RaINBoW Mania says:

    I'm 8 years old

  8. Cali Douglas says:

    I got my phone when I was just 5

  9. Adelina Delacruz says:

    well if i put down my phone i cant watch you

  10. Princess Osifo says:

    my younger brother got his first tablet at the age of 3 and first phone at the age of 4.

  11. Melanie Tanael says:

    bllw ynj

  12. Natalia Castillo says:

    Eline have had a phone for about two years now and I'm 8 my mom got it for me and my dad because I have diabetes but its Not bad have a phone because now I can watch you

  13. LPS funny22 says:

    I am 7 and i have a iphone6s+

  14. FifaFiascos FC says:

    I have a phone I'm 4

  15. Nina Star says:

    If you will look carefully at baby you will see that it's not her hends

  16. oswald shivmangal says:

    Ellen your show is awsome

  17. Justin Bieber _fan says:


  18. Gloria Nettles says:

    I got my phone when I was 3

  19. Camila Guillen says:

    This is not real