Lenovo foldable smartphone and tablet concept first look

Full hands on: http://goo.gl/NljL7t

We still don’t have consumer ready foldable smartphones or tablets, but Lenovo’s concepts makes it seem like we’re one step closer to that reality.

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19 Responses to Lenovo foldable smartphone and tablet concept first look

  1. Abdullah Khan says:


  2. Abdullah Khan says:

    I have a lenovo phone that just came out this year it's really laggy the screenshots off randomly and it cracked in my pocket a week after I got it

  3. Nom says:

    I watched this with no sound, after reading the comments – it sounds worth listening to.

  4. john doe says:

    ok the phone only have 1 month waranty period..

  5. Devesh Tomar says:

    I want this

  6. Zimanev Razollić says:

    I thought Samsung already came out with this Idea. There was even a Commercial of it about the ideas with the bendable screen.

  7. white canvas says:

    will it need iron after too much folding

  8. TheWebster Gamet says:

    and I thought lenovo was a bad community I have a lenovo vibe

  9. TheDrSweetTooth says:

    wow! i loveeee the bending tablet! hope it will be a true blood phablet. you have the phone size. then bend to tabled size if i want to play games or read ebooks for bigger screen!

  10. dion smith says:

    looks like a bastard to bend that thing. would be awesome if it were consumer ready.

  11. MrBrendanepic says:

    just why?

  12. xxbabyzoo5 _GT says:

    that girl was magenmac

  13. Vincent Cardona says:

    Hand phones rapidly evolve just in 3 decades! From phones with keypads to touch screen smartphones.

  14. emma avelino says:

    I have 2 lenovo's, and i've got the same problem. Which are, the space on the charger (i dont know what exactly the name of that part) it is both broken, i mean the small wire there that connect to the chager is broken. No spare parts available on the repair shop.Maybe you guys could make it more durable.

  15. Daryl Nepomuceno says:

    So many negative comments here… 😀 Anyway, I'm a proud Lenovo user.

  16. bahhaziz says:

    I still don't see the purpose of having a phone around my wrist…

  17. Herman Weebag says:

    Their is a foldable phone coming out within about 3 – 4 months called portal 6 and portal 4 made by arubix which is much better than these

  18. HashtagKingd0m says:

    "any time soon" for technology is literally just a few years

  19. omoobaadewale muhis says: