Lethal Weapon 4 – Leo’s Rants on Cell Phones

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17 Responses to Lethal Weapon 4 – Leo’s Rants on Cell Phones

  1. james U says:

    Ja mr goetz I was wondering if you'd be willing to investigate my privates

  2. K-R J says:

    I think you can sum up Leo Getz entire life by: Okay, Okay, Okay…Whatever!

  3. Stealthbomb says:

    Best scene in the movie

  4. Aivottaja says:

    I'd like to see a crossover: Nicky Santoro in Lethal Weapon.

  5. eldo59 says:

    Still want a Lethal Weapon 5.

  6. oakraidergrl4lif says:


  7. James hetfield says:

    tappava ase 4 on loistava lopetus kyllä mut häviää kuitenki esim. ekalle, eka on paras, hivenen die hardin tyyliin vedetään mut die hardkin häviää ekalle tappava aseelle, tappava ase on ainutlaatuinen, lyömätön ja parhaimpia toimintakomedia leffoja kautta aikain.. 4nen on parempi si taas jos haluaa nauraa ja räjähtävä, kannattaa omistaa kaikki dvdnä / blu Raynäkin..

  8. iron weevil says:

    Cell phones are part of the alien's plan to take over the world

  9. demigod2324 says:

    I think it's funny now because EVERYONE knows what an Afghan looks like

  10. rushdi34 says:

    Things haven't changed much in 20 years in terms of cell service lol calls always sound like shit

  11. SIMON wilson says:

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  12. Julian Reynolds says:

    LOL Danny Glover 

  13. KILLATON says:


    Best face ever.

  14. SnowLeonhart says:

    Worst scene in the series.

  15. Loyalguardian6000 says:

    Joe Pesci and Chris Rock deserve their own movie or sit-com… Oh well it's to bad Joe retired in 1999.

  16. Dark Dragon says:

    Douche Vantura, Pet Infective lmao

  17. Aloysius Belisarius says:

    "OH!  Someone took MY number and called Afghanistan–AFGHANISTAN!  I don't even know what fuckin' Afghanistan look like, and even if I did I would not talk to their Afghan ass for THREE HOURS!  I won't talk to my daddy for three hours!"  Maybe it was Khalid Sheik Mohammed calling Bin Laden for instructions on how to do the 9/11 attack.  Consider the year this movie came out… ooohh, conspiracies!