LG G5 Unboxing!

LG G5 Unboxing!

Yeah, I know we already did a “non” unboxing of the LG G5, but since we have a retail unit in house now, we wanted to get an official one in before the review. Here it is, our LG G5 unboxing!

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48 Responses to LG G5 Unboxing!

  1. Pink Sheep says:

    Am I the only one that really like the design ?

  2. Aman Ali says:

    SE- special edition

  3. banana gaming says:

    it’s funny because you can use ir to detonate bombs from a short range

  4. Biggie Cheese says:

    Samsung life

  5. Asim Akram says:

    SE Is the cheaper model

  6. fulgently says:

    home button the back! seriously

  7. MallV0lli0 says:

    It’s pretty bad if u do reviews but you don;t know what’s with the SE.

  8. Eric Rech says:

    the se model has lower specs and a lower price. supposedly available in the UK and Russia

  9. Sagar Reigns says:

    Every thing is very good except design
    Concept is like 1000$ and design is like 100$ and colours are very bad
    I am a big fan of lg but i was disappointed with that design but very much impressed with that new concept

  10. Francisco Mejia says:

    The little se might stand for special edition

  11. Paul Bickley says:

    I still like my LG G4 phone better, the speaker is better… The speaker on this is the same as the V20

  12. King Nemo says:

    The SE has 3gb ram while the g5 has 4

  13. big daddydick says:

    alright so my phone won’t turn on out at all any tips it’s lgg5 and I put it to charge and it won’t turn on either

  14. Antonia Gonzalez says:

    I guess they were jealous of Nexus so they just copied them but did a better upgrade

  15. Djura says:

    So many ridiculous fanboys here saying "I’d go with G5 over Iphone or S7 anyday" without any valid explanation. I mean, please tell us why you think the S7 or Iphone are completely useless compared to the G5. Stop being raging fanboys and grow up.
    Sent from my OnePlus 3.

  16. ahmad mushaffa says:

    interesting with the battery


    The phone which doesn’t explodes

  18. StartupIstan - says:

    poor video quality

  19. Sharde Alford says:

    No headphones awwww

  20. Hamam Boss says:

    where did you get the pink one…. I can’t seem to find one

  21. NotaHipster says:

    Whats up with all the hate on this phone from other youtubers?

  22. Ethan Bussey says:

    I’ve never had a phone with an IR blaster, what is the whole purpose of it? I’m getting this phone within the next few weeks

  23. Rami Hannawi says:

    I bought the g5 and it had headphones

  24. Mohammed Abdullah says:


  25. Talha Sandhu says:

    should I get I phone 6s or this?

  26. sam82154 says:

    il cum on my face if i dont get it by 2017

  27. Acido 1913 says:

    Arreglaron lo de que en una parte de lo removible quedaba mas abierto?

  28. Theo Rousset says:

    de peenk version

  29. sftomee says:

    omg.. this is a shitload shit.. strong inside..but outside is.. ouch..lame, undemanding assembly..

  30. RRW says:

    What’s with the charging cable? You’d think that if they wanted to advertise the advantages of 3.1 over microUSB, they’d ship with a 3.1-3.0 cable instead of what appears to be a 3.1-2.0 cable.

  31. Raof Abdullah says:

    I fall in love on this phone

  32. Nilly says:

    No headphones??? That is so petty!

  33. Mike Kh says:

    NO HEADPHONES! ugh its a turn a off

  34. Amazonas Unboxing And Reviews News says:

    Love the LG brand.

  35. Nima Jafari says:

    You realise the G5 SE had a Snapdragon 652 right?

  36. tushar azim says:

    watching on my g5, just got yesterday. So far so good!

  37. Jakub Kubík says:

    there is a 2 type of G5.. first is G5 and second is G5 SE… the second one has a word processor and lower operating speed

  38. Lewis Cook says:

    I got headphones in mine.

  39. haroun says:

    i have now the g3 and it hase the better design than the g4 and g5 but it isnt more powerfull

  40. Ankit Tripathi says:

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  41. Ian Hoswell says:

    This comment section is uterus cancer.

  42. Fabienne de Waard says:

    i have unboxed it myself and it included headphones and a quick charger. so…

  43. Oleg Bel says:

    They must make the battery switch smooth (without restart)

  44. Thijn Van Ool says:

    g5se has another processor , the 652 instead of the 820 and also 3gb ram instead of 4gb on the normal g5

  45. Retro Gaiden says:

    No headphones? G4 gave headphones

  46. Abstersroxx says:

    This phone is so ugly. And I hate hate HATE where they placed the home button. Very inconvenient especially for smaller female hands.

  47. Vick G says:

    I just got this phone, can anyone tell me if there is a plastic film that I need to remove from the rear camera lense????