LG K7 Unboxing ( budget Phone that Runs )

Push design to the max with a slim arched screen and sleek back-cover. This device fits the curves of your hand and the patterns of your personality.
When one picture won’t cut it: just raise your hand,align it in the box, and make a fist TWICE to capture 4 selfies in sequence.


Amazon : LG K7 4GB Tech4 Networker recommended


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I created this video with the Poin 2 Chromebook

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7 Responses to LG K7 Unboxing ( budget Phone that Runs )

  1. Josh Mandaglio says:

    I don't recommend 16gbs that's not enough either

  2. Martin Rose says:

    that is enough. room for me

  3. KingKarl says:

    what type of review is this or unboxing????? it should have 1 like 170,000,000 dislikes

  4. Balog Tivadar says:

    anyád picsáját dolbálgassad

  5. david jeanmarie says:

    the screen sucks no full HD at least they could of put in a 720 display but the developers were too lazy.

  6. Andrew tech gamer says:

    this guy is lame

  7. paul tech says:

    ive been using my 8 gig lg k7 for 3 months and its surviving perfectly fine.