LG Stylo 3 Unboxing and hands on

In today’s video I give you the unboxing and Hands-On with the LG Stylo 3 for Boost Mobile
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17 Responses to LG Stylo 3 Unboxing and hands on

  1. Dallas Sorrell says:

    It's basically just like the Stylo 2 with little changes like the stylus, volume buttons, fingerprint scanner depending on the plus or just the 2, bigger battery and what not.

  2. BuBBles602! says:

    I'm so disappointed with these specs. The basically the same with the lg stylo 2 other than the fingerprint sensor. I be basically buying the same damn phone

  3. sammyd19801 says:

    Anyone notice AT&T pay go phones are total garbage ?? Anyone know what kind of phones work with an AT&T Sim ??

  4. Sky tech says:

    I won't buy it for a while I still like my Stylo 2 and I also have my Moto z play

  5. Gregory W says:

    for all the ZTE haters saying the Stylo 3 is better then the zmax pro. You just took a big L.

  6. Jill godfrey says:

    is metro going to get the stylo 3?

  7. Cathy Estro says:

    Do you know if Cricket Wireless will be getting the LG Stylo 3?

  8. Jonathan Rodriguez says:

    Paul Tech can you compare the zte zmax pro with the stylo 3.
    I need a new phone since the phone I have is starting get slow. I need to decide whether to get the zte zmax pro or the stylo 3. Right now my brain is saying the zmax pro but until you make the comparison I'll make my decision

  9. GTX Gaming & Tech Reviews says:

    ok 1. great video bro only you didn't look over the camera. and 2. for the love of God you nit picky people. get over it. so what if the style 3 doesn't have a 1080p screen or 3gb of ram or 32gb of memory or whatever. what every person in the comment section always fail to realize is you can't add all those features to a phone and it expect it to be in a budget category. hell with higher specs you're looking at something closer to a flagship device. either that or a MUCH higher price tag for a budget phone. like say $250 or something. most people aren't always willing to pay that for a prepaid phone. it's JUST A PHONE. you thick headed people don't seem to get that. I don't mind the 720p screen or 2gb of ram. I'm not picky unlike most of you.

  10. Brian Dyer says:

    any word on the Stylo 3 plus for metro? 3gb of RAM will be nice. unfortunately they are still rocking the 720p screen. any word if the Stylo 3 plus will be 16gb ROM or 32gb?

  11. To Da Lute Tv says:

    good video bro.can u make sure you test the volume out when you put your headphones on.a lot of times lg phones never be as loud as samsung phones

  12. Ciera says:

    Wtf I just ordered the LG Stylo 2?! Now I have to cancel it ugh

  13. Coleisha Childress says:

    I didnt see a difference from the LG Stylo 2 which is what i have

  14. Jabbar Davis says:

    woooow boost mobile lg stylo 3 has finally caught up with metro pcs lg stylo2 plus wow!

  15. King Flawless says:

    where do you buy the spare batteries?

  16. KiLLuminati says:

    o0o0o0o a fingerprint sensor!! yeah give ''Big Brother'' and the Elites your fingerprints….these phone companies make this technology look so0o0o cool! YEAH RIGHT!!!! NO THANKS!!! but on the side note yes this is a very beautiful phone! I own the stylo 2 myself, best phone I ever had ''disguised'' as a ''low end'' phone…but by no means is it that! this phone can compeat in the big leagues with apple and the Samsung galaxies. I got a 128gb card installed right now….waiting for the 256gb sd cards to come down in price a little bit. Awesome looking phone! thanks….

  17. Jaedaking Smith says:

    wow same exact phone as LG Stylo 2 smh