LG V10 Smart Phone – Unboxing

Re-done the entire LG V10 unboxing video. This has more meat & better lighting! Black table returns too. =P RT!

Camera I Use: http://amzn.to/1LlTAUz
Microphone: http://amzn.to/1MkRxRg

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20 Responses to LG V10 Smart Phone – Unboxing

  1. Laquan Boyd says:

    can i please have a phone

  2. Caitlin Mann says:


  3. Pitou Khmer says:

    Nice job bro! let me know whenever you want to sale this item after finish your reviews as 2nd :)

  4. Gilbert Alvarez Diaz Jr. says:

    all that stuff u review do u keep it

  5. hammer fall says:

    hope u can cover about sound quality for this phone when u make a review about this phone soon
    heard that this phone have a good sound chip that produce excellent sound quality

  6. third G says:

    awful focus man. it took away the entire review experience. Couldn't even wait until the end. your videos are awesome normally. specially those attention to details on other videos, like lining up the things on the table and clean quality output. this video is nothing like what you normally do.

  7. Bojan Bajšanski says:

    Best video

  8. Paul Moses Omoto says:

    . nice review . just be kind and send me one of those phones bruh . :)

  9. Kellen Tison says:

    Very cool looking phone!

  10. ejjuni says:

    the round plug is not for asia but for europe. we use flat plugs.

  11. Lisa White says:

    Luv this phone just waiting for it to get the states! i like the back of the phone better than glass that Samsung has used in my opinion. I appreciate the un boxing videos i wanna see everything from when the screen turns on and the walk through. Thanks for great video

  12. Bjee Untamed says:

    Here, is another great job by you my friend 😀 Nice cool review, but the one thing i noticed in the whole of this video is that either you're not using the camera equipments which you normally do, or thre's some other problem ! The camera was refocusing very often toa point that it becomes pretty obvious. And no, that was'nt an issue at all, just wanted to give you a feedback so you can look into it my friend !! 😀 :)

  13. Aireen Catubag says:

    Where is the Led notification light?

  14. Steven Tyler says:

    awesome video Jim. may be looking for a new phone, not too happy in recent weeks/months with my Note 4 (randomly SHUTS OFF at times, will leave a screen I'm on with No prompting; just does weird shit by itself). not sure about a new Android phone, or maybe taking the plunge into the iPhone market…

  15. ClassyPenguinYT says:

    Hey man, your reviews are really good! Question, have you reviewed the House Of Marley Legend ANC? I've been hoping for a good review on these headphones for some time, they should be good tho!

  16. Abdulelah Alrasheed says:

    Very nice phone thanks for the review
    I prefer the old style though 🙂
    Keep up the good work

  17. Stewart Phillips says:

    I love this style so much better!!!

  18. Sam Sproul says:

    io like this laid-back tone of voice

  19. Techdrap says:

    Where is Background Music ?

  20. BlakeStreetBombr says:

    Eh, never been a fan of LG phones. I hate using this term, but it seems just like an LG G4 "plus". … btw do your thing Jimmy, always a fan of your videos. #hatersgonnahate