LG V10 Unboxing!

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LG sent me their brand spanking new phone, the LG V10! I unbox it, check it out, and etc. Expect a follow up video soon!

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19 Responses to LG V10 Unboxing!

  1. bobo bobas says:

    out of the box this phone is one of the best ones in a while dute! jeah! kick that ass

  2. Jacob Teran says:

    its Korean dumb ass

  3. Sam Dawson says:

    Hello, Hooray For Yqu. stupid moon What do you think.2.

  4. Louka Henry says:

    It looks llke. You're Sharp! redundant trite What do you think, gu}s?

  5. Freddie Miller says:

    wasvup, outstanding performance3 supply wide what's happening, gyys.

  6. Zach Cline says:

    LG is crap.

  7. Samar Singh says:

    how you get this phone i want also

  8. shadowcrown says:

    you have a god gifted SENSE OF HUMOR….oh god you are just awesome.

  9. 김소미 says:

    V10 SkT통신있나요?

  10. Kasturi says:

    excited bro nice…

  11. Michael Scott says:

    the earphones are "at an 'ingle' "…

  12. Michael Gtr says:

    Do you keep the v10 after reviewing it

  13. soon afridi says:

    dear I want to buy 1st an LG brand can you tell wich is best and cheapest as well

  14. soon afridi says:

    haahaaa haahaaa yes really good I like your review you are so much good and awosme my sweet friend

  15. Mohammad Rawashdeh says:

    Hi josh i have question pls i have LG V10 and the battery is going to die very fast is that real or might be my new phone has issue battery ?

  16. Sean Davis says:

    LG is a korean company

  17. Eric Thoms says:

    The G 4 wasn t a great phone ! It felt like a Piece of CRAP ! It said it had a Leather Back. It felt more like PLASTIC !! The V 10 which Im getting 02/19 looks alot Better !!! I read some reviews & this guy said when he dropped his on the Carpet it messed it Up. If those reading this would tell me their Experience with their V 10, I sure would appreciate it !!! Good & Bad. I want to Hear it !!!!

  18. Jort Pekema says:

    i like your videos keep them coming!

  19. angie Garcia says:

    what color was that?