LG V20: Unboxing & Overview

LG V20: Unboxing & Overview

This is an in-depth unboxing and overview of the flagship LG V20, the first phone with a Quad DAC and shipping with Android Nougat.

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20 Responses to LG V20: Unboxing & Overview

  1. Chen Peng says:

    the light bleed at the corners seems really bad.

  2. Changj746 says:

    8:56 did mkbhd just give you a call LOL

  3. kenneth Nwabasi says:

    wtf type of Review is this? We need to know what makes it unique, not all androids can do. You can uninstall apps by pressing the X" wtf?

  4. Sebastian J says:

    To Each Their Own…But For Me~List View In Settings Menu Is Boring…EVERY Phone Has That…I Rather More Prefer Tab View Better/Different/Unique…Only LG Has That Signature Feature…I Have Both Of My LG Devices Set On Ran View…

  5. Theost21 says:

    so im gonna pay a hell amout of money, but headphones are NOT included? What is this shit?

  6. Sam Ismail says:

    wireless charging?

  7. Infinit3Enigma says:

    This is a tempting phone to get after returning my note 7, but im gonna miss dem note features.

  8. Juan Pena says:

    Headphones will be included?

  9. KNON says:

    This phone is just perfect!

  10. Livin Vidz says:

    This double tap the volume up key or volume down key to do something is beyond stupid. As soon as you listen to music on your phone these toggles dont work anymore so good bye quickly opening the camera.

  11. Malik Darby says:

    Does metro pcs carry this phone

  12. Sagar Sagar says:

    You Get to Bang-an-Olsen ? Nice

  13. Matthew Smith says:

    Hiw does the screen compare to the Note 7?

  14. xXG.L.HXx says:

    Can this new V20 do HDMI/video out via the USB C port?

  15. Rogel Noble says:

    I appreciated this review…
    comprehensive enough and not too fast and not too slow…just right…

    thank you Sir.

  16. gino peñaflor says:

    is the shutter speed faster than the v10?

  17. gino peñaflor says:

    does the camera easily get scratched?

  18. Syntax Error says:

    Removable back LG never change. :)

  19. ram limbu says:

    This phone looks to good to be true. I thought I was never going to change my G3 with anyother phone.

  20. The FPV Life says:

    Top phone. samsung just has better marketing