Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones

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20 Responses to Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones

  1. Jay Spades says:

    I see, so that's what antibodies do. His knowledge always amazes me.

  2. Elsa Koskinen says:

    Wicled. Hi, what's ur? bite-sized young What do you think1.. !

  3. KoKi GAmI says:

    I felt sad whilst masturbating to this video

  4. Benny Hill says:

    Cell phones: The best and the worst invention ever!

  5. Kody Karls: Raw & Uncut says:

    I resignate so well with the guy at 3:19!

  6. GBev2K16 says:

    Louis CK has never made me laugh. Not once. But he sometimes he does something more important and that is he makes me think.

  7. Aazgaroth says:

    LOUIS C.K. FTW! Conan, you make me laugh in every episode.  Thank you for your witty, subtle, self deprecating brand of humor. I adore you, never change!

  8. Eli Rosenblum says:

    He's conveying it in a comedic way, but he's trying to send a very important message

  9. David Jenkins says:

    anyone else get occasional Foster-Wallace vibes off Louis Ck?

  10. Tomas K says:

    I think that the movie Inside Out was based on this interview.

  11. soacker25 says:

    This is so true… people need to read between the lines.. its totally serious to him but it sounds funny couse its Louis. Im sure he knows the lonely roads very well. Thats why i respect him alot!

  12. Daniel H says:

    Imagine if Louis C.K. and Bob Odenkirk stayed on Conan's show 20+ years later. Epicness beyond comprehension.

  13. Wahb Atef says:

    To me it's as simple as right and wrong ……
    And to build a healthy image of that sense in ur mind… U have got to socialize …
    And be a part of a real society

  14. Matthew Kedie says:

    I love Conan's reaction at 4:26.

  15. Brent Wiggins says:

    We're connected at the risk of being disconnected. Alterity starts to kick in when we can no longer relate to the other's existence; if you spend too much time on the web, you treat reality like it matters only at the expense of what you do online. Otherwise stated, our online existence becomes the reality we once associated with and the opposite can happen too if one is not familiar with some level of technological knowledge as well.

  16. Salem Dekelbab says:

    Louis, are you Bipolar dude? I thought this just happens to me!

  17. YarrBr0 says:

    I watched this on my smartphone.

  18. James Howard says:

    4:24 I wonder what Louis was saying when he was censored? ;)

  19. bangmeister2012 says:

    Genious comedian

  20. Emilia Venka says:

    Don't do acid and watch this. It's literally impossible to go to work the next day knowing what you now know.