Louis CK – Fame, Kids & Cell Phones – Full Interview

Louis CK shares his fatherly frustrations with Conan in this 2013 appearance
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17 Responses to Louis CK – Fame, Kids & Cell Phones – Full Interview

  1. Terry Doyle says:

    Great stuff!

  2. Friky May says:


  3. Marko golijanin says:

    OMG Dude thanks for the videos. Lets enjoy them and hope that noone tries to take them down.

  4. Ben L says:

    I think his parenting philosophy is actually pretty wise.

  5. Nate Park says:

    Lmao Conan's face after Louis said jack off

  6. dopamining says:

    Conan is SUCH a loser; how did this guy ever get big?

  7. C. McFluffington says:

    That poor little boy lol,his mother sounds like a huge bitch. Who tells someone to stop sneezing,like its a voluntary action?! Sneezing is not optional. Its involuntary.

  8. drchucks says:

    I could listen to Louie tell stories all day.

  9. Takashi says:

    Why is there that short, chubby dude playing a clown for mockery purposes only?

  10. Fatih Boyar says:

    he said im not there for make them happy (his girls) and he was surprised when the audience laughed but i didnt laugh either it wasnt suppose to be that funny

  11. Anthony Caruso says:


  12. Count Dracula says:

    Andy's great. He sits the whole time saying nothing, then just says one sentence and it's perfect.

  13. Sofi says:

    whats the bruce springsteen song louis is talking about?

  14. Sebastian Tinajero says:

    Thank you for the uploads! I think the reason why I love Loui so much is his perspective and observation of everyday life especially things most people or comedians don't like to touch on

  15. Shantanu Goyal says:

    this guy is so amazing. and the camaraderie that the two of them share is great.

  16. Djamel Imild says:

    comic philosopher …..

  17. Ali Hasan Nezhad says:

    thanks for the uploads man