Louis CK on Cellphones

Louis CK on Cellphones

Some of the comments Louis CK has made over the years about cellphones.

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19 Responses to Louis CK on Cellphones

  1. lol fff says:

    his older daughter is so cute

  2. Ville Mononen says:

    I saw that Conan bit before, and it felt like the most "serious" and concerned Louis i've seen so far. When you open your eyes, you will see and face the reality as it is. This generation with some "smart shit" in their every finger, walking like zombies in streets, escaping to virtual illusions need a wake up call. It's not their fault, it was well marketed to us. Enough with this robot show, let's get back to being humans for a change. Live and love a little.

  3. zeldagoblin says:

    This means much more when put together this way. Great work.

  4. Whamosser says:

    Louis CK is and old man that hates kids and modern technology. COMEDY

  5. coffeendtv says:

    everyone needs to see this video

  6. Dav says:

    Louis would probably really like this

  7. Brau Caldin says:

    I watched this on my phone

  8. HollaWolla HabHiat says:

    what a jaded and cynical old man just shouting 'back in my day!' and getting laughs from it, the sooner his kind are left behind the better.

  9. Christian Deleon says:

    I'm 16, And is it weird that i always ALWAYS felt the very same way about cellphones?

  10. mock15halo says:

    How many of you watched this on your phones

  11. mc says:

    2:26 The fact that the loneliness is there is symptomatic of a cancerous evolution of the human condition. You should be able to give your kid a super phone without it morphing them into "idiots".

  12. a1967lavalamp says:

    Goddd such a good edit this is why I love YouTube fuck yeah who ever did this. fuck. Yes.

  13. Marcela Mariana Vargas Tovar says:

    Este es el mejor video de Louis Ck
    muchas gracias!

  14. CanadianDogeLOL says:

    Awesome video. I'm sure louis would love it

  15. Realest EDM says:

    This is the most insightful bit about technology that I've ever heard. Especially the part about never being completely happy or sad. So accurate. Technology replaces emotion (the most powerful and natural thing we have). I believe that emotion is the meaning to life and that technology can, if used excessively, take away that meaning.

  16. Troy Snell says:

    I watched this on my phone.

  17. Julian M says:

    Perfect video!

  18. DJ Stanton says:

    I love the scene when the dude with headphones walks into louis and he just causally pushes him away lol. CK is pretty artistic with his show

  19. Ali Özgür Arslan says:

    Kudos to whoever edited this video.