Make Free Calls to Landline and Cell Phones – Google HangOuts

Make Free Calls to Landline and Cell Phones – Google HangOuts

In this tutorial video I’m going to teach you how you can make free calls to US and Canada from your iOS Android, PC or a MAC. You can also make calls to other countries at fairly low cost.

First thing you need to do is, go to and activte the Google Voice. If you are living in a Country where such service are blocked, you would require VPN to unblock this site and get it activated.


Google Voice Link:

Link to download HangOuts Dialer:

Link to download HangOuts Dialer APK:




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44 Responses to Make Free Calls to Landline and Cell Phones – Google HangOuts

  1. festivemonkey says:

    My teacher uses google voice for pronunciation tests, does this work for google voice?

  2. Rajdeep Paul says:


  3. World Infomania says:

    I am from INDIA

  4. Suleman Gilani says:

    Great one……

  5. bang shot says:

    but what number shows when you call the other person?

  6. Jenebeb Pansoy says:

    To call Pc to mobile is it unlimited or not?

  7. Patricia Stevenson says:

    But, how do we "make sure the VPN region is USA" when you aren’t in the USA?

  8. fahm salm says:

    I apologize .. I respect you and before that sent a reply and the apology

  9. Jennifer Rose D'silva says:

    Done by my best frnd!! Just awesome!!

  10. WealthyYTP says:

    does hangouts show your phone number

  11. Daniel's Trains says:

    can you chat with a bluetooth headset on it

  12. Ryan Nowak says:

    I have the app on my smart phone. There us no phone icon so I’m trying to make a call to one of my contacts that is a land line but it won’t go through.

  13. Ricardo Suloaga Ramirez says:

    Hello I have a question. How can make a phone call in group by hangouts?

  14. Emily Ferraz says:

    This is perfect !!

  15. john smith says:

    is there any web sights that i can make a free call anytime all the time

    years ago i had a program in my windows 95

    free phone . com

    but i cant find it anymore

    is there any programs that you can download

    to have a free phone

    thanks for any tips

  16. Oleg Kostyukevich says:

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  17. Hari Prastowo says:

    the big Newport on a little bit of New Love Never Die LIFE stylesheet.

  18. taleeto says:

    Does this still work ?

  19. ajecoolkidjr says:

    Can you get your own number in this i don’t have one but can you create on or something?

  20. Ashish Khandge says:

    Thank you

  21. MaximilianMus says:

    how come its free? shouldnt phone calls cost money

  22. Nuck Figgers says:

    What if I dont have a US phone number?

  23. Scott Bennett says:

    1. Thanks for video! 2. Question: Using Hangouts, can I make free USA to USA calls to people who do not have Hangouts, i.e., any1 with non-smart cell phone or landline? Thanks in advance.

  24. Nguyen Dang says:

    is there a software you can download instead dailing from gmail like a program of some sort 

  25. Randal McDowell says:

    I already know how to do this, However, your explanation is concise and well done. I will send my friends/family here to see how it is done! thanks.


    Do it use your cell minutes or not

  27. محمد الحربي says:

    Jojie armendi

  28. Nitesh R says:

    hey one question .

    i have hangout and also a google voice number , i am not sure what i did now when i call with hangout it shows my google voice number to the receiver instead of my mobile number as earlier, though that time also i had google voice number . so how to set default google hangout number to my mobile number ?

  29. World Infomania says:

    It’s only for US and Canada. But I am from India.

  30. Swolenator says:

    So if I wanted a smartphone but not pay for data I could do this? It would what basically let me call anyone through WiFi but not work while in areas without it? I would like to get a smartphone then a pay as you use plan but they seem to want to force all smartphones to pay even if don’t use it.

  31. Hari Prastowo says:

    the king of warrior in rekeningku


    Are calls conversations private or can other people hear your call?

  33. Makayla Castelluzzo says:

    does it need internet

  34. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    hey bro can i call from hangout to simpl phone any country free call please

  35. Ghiz binthuda says:

    This is only for US and canada users?

  36. Nomad2001 says:

    Does anyone know how to do texting with hangouts?

  37. Julissa Michelle Bustamante says:

    no me agarra

  38. Tech MR says:

    I can make a free call to Bangladesh????

  39. fahm salm says:

    I absolutely loved it thank you

  40. Masud Rintu says:

    What number (caller id) will be shown to receiver end?