master reset code for all samsung mobile phones

master reset code for all samsung phones
this will delete all your data off your phone
this is the code *2767*3855#

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19 Responses to master reset code for all samsung mobile phones

  1. MegaXboxkilla says:

    bull shit

  2. AutoCAD 3D says:

    Thank you!

  3. Mr. Write says:

    sir can u tell me what is the fucking password of my cellphone madafaka

  4. Priya Sharma says:

    wow its works in my phn ohhh Gof i was so tensted ne very happy …thnks for this video God bless u

  5. Vince Obsitnik says:

    I have a Samsung E1100 cell phone. We forgot the pin and it is now asking for a PUK code. What is this and how do I reset my password?

  6. Mohd Ahmed says:

    sir can you please tell me the master reset code of all celkon mobiles I have celkon c6060i model phone I want to reset it but it is asking password default password is changed and the changed password has been forget please help me

  7. James Jones says:

    Worked a treat on my  Samsung GT-E1280 (Yes, I know it's old)  .Lot's of companies charging a few bob for this. Thank you! you're a star!

  8. Karan Jumani says:


  9. john lee says:

    thank you…..

  10. meriem mourif says:

    thank you thank you thank you

  11. Rajan Rajpurohit says:


  12. xeetechkerim 9999 says:

    his work on samsung c3510 thanks

  13. jadav ketan says:

    it's realy helpfull. thanks dear.

  14. christian king Cristobal says:

    thank you so much sir for this video, now i already using my old e1080f….

  15. Sean A says:

    It worksss!!! Thanks helped alot

  16. Jesseca Bartolo says:

    It workssss ! Thank you so much ☺️

  17. Kerry Goossens says:

    Does this unlock the phone for use on other carriers? Thank you!

  18. azf chardonnerete says:

    thank you sm

  19. Marko Baban says: