Mlais M9 Unboxing! | Best Unlocked Phone Under $200

Mlais M9 Unboxing! Thanks to Mlais for providing me with this phone for review. The Mlais M9 is an Octa-Core smartphones and it is also the cheapest one on the market right now. It also is one of the thinnest android smartphones out there and a lot thinner than the One Plus One. The One Plus One has paved the way for small companies to make great phones at a low price.The Mlais M9 competes with the One Plus One because it is cheaper and a lot easier to get while still being thinner and performing just as good or even better. Full Review of the Mlais M9 Coming Soon!
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14 Responses to Mlais M9 Unboxing! | Best Unlocked Phone Under $200

  1. TheAsianVideoGamer1 (TheAsianVideoGamer) says:

    what's stock Android? and what do other people mean by "stock Android experience"

  2. Apple Products says:

    My great grandma has that phone

  3. Mike Hunt says:

    You can't compare to one plus one because even though it says this phone is unlocked but I want to work on T mobile and in Canada on major company such as WIND mobile and Mobilicity

  4. Juan Hernandez says:

    Looks like zte

  5. yoran pool says:

    i like the ulefone be pro 
    its to a oneplus one clone but better..

  6. Jungle Street says:

    Get It Very Cheap Just 92 USD
    Click the Link
    from Gearbest.

  7. Go Ba says:

    I just got my Mlais M9 and had the exact stuff from the box

  8. Trey C says:

    Well the cubot x6 is great. Also the zte zmax.

  9. Billator Channel says:

    Hello i bought Mlais M9 for only 65.99$!!
    From here
    with code GBMM9

  10. HEROCHARMS says:

    nice video man! i love phone reviews!

  11. muwen360 says:

    Excellent phone and unboxing! Can't wait for your full review!!!!!!

  12. Brad Snyder says:

    Looks to be really nice! I can't wait to hearing your take on it and what it's like.

  13. DavitPlays Games says:

    Nice I'm getting this phone!

  14. RomanTechnology says:

    Nice unboxing! Since I use the OnePlus One as my daily, and have for a few months, I'd be interested in seeing how it compares through everyday use. Especially since, judging by the box, it has 2GB of RAM less. Should be interesting!