Motorola Mystery Box Unboxing

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19 Responses to Motorola Mystery Box Unboxing

  1. SHINSHAN Chen says:

    Hello moto!

  2. Claus Zappe Martinez says:


  3. Claus Zappe Martinez says:


  4. Claus Zappe Martinez says:


  5. Peter Beal says:

    i have that phone

  6. Mr.Taters 123 says:

    If only apple would do this

  7. Matthew Corradini says:

    I feel like he just has high-end phones as wall clocks, constantly charging..

  8. ZontecXD says:

    im wave a moto e 2!

  9. Harri grindrod says:

    My dad got that phone for work

  10. Lilac Wimbush says:

    You should do a show off all your phones you have video! All your iPhones, your android phones / tablets.

  11. Christopher Gai says:

    watching this on a moto x pure with bamboo back, such a sexy phone.

  12. Swayam Lodaya says:

    I use a moto e2

  13. RilakkumaTUBE ! says:


  14. Keyon Roberts says:

    I'm using a moto e right now

  15. erika rabara says:

    I have a moto r

  16. Norman Flores says:

    u didn't speak on specs u didn't even use the camera…1 box 2 confuse u an throw u off

  17. Neon Universe says:

    Moto X Force FTW!!

  18. SH Movies says:

    I would've torn up that box before I knew it was so special… Just like I do with all boxes when I open something.