My new phone unboxing :)

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17 Responses to My new phone unboxing :)

  1. sheilatalk101 famliy says:

    at least she has a phone

  2. Adriana Carrillo says:


  3. Angelina trevino says:


  4. Gabriel Bean says:

    That phone sucks

  5. Ronald Rodriguez says:

    my first phone was the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit from metro PCs and now I have the Moto g 1st gen from Verizon

  6. SEAN says:

    that not a phone that a brik phone lol

  7. Filming . Bros says:

    Thats shit

  8. It's Darren Its Darren says:

    It's so ugly

  9. GamesWith Creeper says:

    that phone is soo ugly!!specs sucks

  10. Kira Pokres says:

    "Please say a command." ME OMG SIRI IS THAT YOU

  11. Elliot Stoney says:

    why have these phones????

  12. Loeid Game says:

    The LG env3/keybo2 I want it so bad

  13. Loeid Game says:

    And I want it

  14. Loeid Game says:

    And the old phone with the qwerty keyboard are more cool and more easy to use for texting cause if ur iPhone,Samsung is cracked well u cant see the screen well while this well u dont have to worry about the screen and the keyboard

  15. Loeid Game says:

    OMG guys stop saying mean thing she got a cool phone and I hate my Samsung and my iPhone I still use a similar phone but it slides a keyboard I use my iPad for games,video,and texting but most of the time I use my qwerty slide phone it is better then iPhones and Samsung I hate my iPhone and Samsung there piece of crap

  16. Unknown Master says:

    it a phone from 2005 upgrade

  17. Gymnastic4 Ever says:

    I got a 6s