My Top 5 Smartphones? || 2015

This year is coming to an end and I have chosen my top 5 smartphones! Watch to see which ones and why. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Unboxing Jon:
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18 Responses to My Top 5 Smartphones? || 2015

  1. Jake Siewer says:

    god damn you must be small, those phone lot giant in your hands

  2. Kshitij Gupta says:

    Hey Erica… Can you tell which camera do you prefer to use for making these videos?

  3. Sd Tameem says:

    i agree with note 5

  4. Salman Azam says:

    iPhone 6S Plus is better then Nexus 6p.

  5. dev kamireddy says:

    nexus 6p placed in your hand appears as if it were 7 inches! :p

  6. Kiel Eriz Bunyi says:

    those are big phones for small hands

  7. David Davis says:

    moto x pure is my favorite for 2015 or Nexus 6p I use both but I notice I'm using my moto more cause I like my phone's to have some weight to them

  8. Miha Shovo says:

    my favourite one is lg v10 in your list.

  9. jia hoong says:

    moto x pure or the oneplus two? which one lags more and which one feels snappier?

  10. phenixboy1 says:

    note 5

  11. Buff Diddy says:

    Hey baby, be careful with that BBC (Big Black Cellphone)

  12. joseph ferzly says:

    these are not phones, theese are stage for cutting

  13. Saud SaHu says:

    Erica Griffin
    what would you pick….
    note 5 vs lg v10 vs z5 premium vs nexus 6p vs iphone 6s

  14. emad ibrahim says:

    what do you think the best generally in all things in devices??

  15. Gooyou Lau says:

    woohoo i love ur review 😉 best top list on youtube

  16. Kito kit says:

    didi you forget about Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML?

  17. Kevin Guerra says:

    nexus 6p king of android!

  18. Brennan Roberts says:

    I just keep thinking, these look like tablets in your hands