My Top 5 Smartphones for 2015

My Top 5 Smartphones for 2015

My Top 5 picks of smartphones that I liked in 2015 these are the top 5 picks of high end smartphones that were launched in 2015, I’ll also post another video after a few days with the mid-range devices that I liked in 2015.

My Top 10 mid-range smartphones for 2015 video

My In-depth reviews for the Top 5 smartphones

Google Nexus 6P
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
iPhone 6s review
Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge
Moto X Style

All of my smartphone reviews
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19 Responses to My Top 5 Smartphones for 2015

  1. abhi arora says:

    sir can I buy xperia z5 premium it has a 4k display

  2. Harsh Jamuar says:

    my friend wants a phone with a good selfie and almost new software under 10k ,can u recommend any phone…

  3. saicharan siriveti says:

    did you pay for those mobiles???????///

  4. ProgPalace says:

    I'm surprised that you didn't include or even mention any HTC phones. Any reason why you didn't consider them?

  5. bharathi kanna says:

    honor 7

  6. dr FeelGood says:

    from those top 5 smartphones which one will you buy if you had the money ?

  7. Mohit bhavsar says:

    I think that u should have included one plus 2 as it would be a great competetor for ur top 5 smartphones.

  8. Manu Hegde says:

    note 4 ?

  9. Peter Punk says:

    man i really cant decide, but i think i gonna get the s6. i think youre the only one who has an individual channel name which says that you are a very creative guy. and creative people have good ideas. so i guess that means your top 5 picks on this list are good picks !

  10. akshat verma12 says:

    IPhone 6s plus is better than 6s

  11. Manish Choudhary says:

    You should quit making videos.

  12. Chiranjeevi Srinathmintu says:

    I want to know how is Samsung galaxy a8.

  13. Sushant Kumar says:

    Top 1 smartphone undar 8000

  14. King Sabretooth says:

    Suggest best 3rd party camera app for nexus 6P

  15. Kushagra Gupta says:

    Does anyone has any suggestion on a third party camera app for the nexus 6p?

  16. Murugappan Krishna says:


  17. Rayan Narayanan says:

    Ranjit can you suggest me a phone which has a good camera and a very fast processor along with great audio output and good battery life.

  18. Ryan Talukder says:

    You didn't use the iPhone 6s Plus.The camera,screen and the battery life is much better.

  19. Vaso Gegprifti says:

    Where is iphone 6s plus?