Nextbit Robin: Unboxing & Hands-on

Nextbit Robin: Unboxing & Hands-on

***I would call the color turquoise***Just when I was getting bored of smartphones, I was given the opportunity to play with the Nextbit Robin. Make sure to follow my channel for the full review coming soon!

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19 Responses to Nextbit Robin: Unboxing & Hands-on

  1. thak456 says:

    nice ring

  2. sourav Kumar says:

    i hadn't heard before this brand

  3. animesh yadav says:

    wha this mobile available in India

  4. Shashikant Choubey says:

    Why no face Erica?

  5. rizal adikara says:

    i see cataracs…

  6. Sarjith Poojari says:

    its quite a bummer for people like me, who travel a lot and cannot find a decent wifi the places i go.

  7. Rwngsar Mushahary says:

    what's it prices

  8. fit0 Lemus says:

    have you made the review???

  9. chakilam narasingarao says:

    very nice review.

  10. sonicbouy says:

    what do u want from ur phone then, u got games, utube, social apps, any other apps, camera and call…what more u want?

  11. Aditya sahoo says:

    no tech review ,, wat about the gpu , camera quality and other wise important features??

  12. Antony Thompson says:

    Now we just need all the other android brands to show some ingenuity and have phone designs all of their own instead of copying each other.

  13. jhon lee says:

    Erica, you have got pretty voice.
    Where are you from??

  14. Jim Sifakakis says:

    This unboxing is sooo cute

  15. Apesta8 says:

    nice review, the phone is very tempting.

  16. Rabin Sapkota says:

    learn some from android authority
    you didnot know how to make video
    you are speaking like reading a book
    you must watch krystal lora videos

  17. Justine Semana says:

    if leapfrog had a phone this would it look like

  18. Oscar Gonzalez says:

    nice phone, in México sell this móvil?

  19. koenn kemp says:

    (buys a 250 dollars phone-no power brick included)