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Nintendo’s New 3DS is a pretty awesome system. I’ve heard some folks say that they would rather just play games on their cell phones. That’s wrong, and here is why.

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20 Responses to Nintendo 3DS Vs. Mobile Phones! – Rerez

  1. Pandabro The geek says:

    All my 3ds games got stolen when I went to vacation :(

  2. SkyRocket Entertainment says:

    Also with androids being expensive, look at the GPD XD, last LONGER TOO

  3. SkyRocket Entertainment says:

    Dungeon Hunter 5 is fun and free to play, try it on your AndroidOS or iOS device

  4. abdoulaye haidara says:

    There is only like 3 freemium games on the 3ds while mobile… I don't need to even say

  5. Tussa Lopez says:

    But, if you install emulators of all consoles consoles on your phone and you buy a good controller the phone is going to ofeer more than a 3ds

  6. Dvir Arazi says:

    1. You're right. Since people aren't aware enough of controllers for mobile, they buy systems like the 3DS instead, as a result, developers decide to develop for the 3DS. And so, at least for now, the 3DS has better games.
    There are MANY premium games on mobile.
    3. Invalid point, you have a huge collection of controllers for mobile these days. Which makes is even better since you get to choose the controls that you like the most.
    4.Again, invalid point. Mobile gaming is much cheaper since everybody already has cell phones, you don't need to buy a whole new system to play the games, even if you want to play with a controller (which isn't a must), most cost much less than a 3DS.
    5.I don't know which games you bought but I never had this problem.

    Besides you forgot to mention the 3DS has much weaker hardware than modern phones, low-resolution screens to the level you can without even trying, notice the pixels, even though it's 2016, and relies on unnecessary and, in my opinion, unwanted gimmicks such as 3D and two screens.

  7. MobileDecay says:

    Lol Nice biased video. The title should be"Why I'm a raging 3DS fanboy". Making your argument sound valid by making up facts like"Cell phones are only capable of touch screen controls." and saying that a phone "can cost a lot of money." It can also cost a small amount of money and be something you need. Can't get a cab ride home using a 3DS. 3DS is awesome but it is not cheaper than cell phone gaming. If you choose the right games and learn to control your impulsive spending it could be way cheaper and also kill the couple off minutes in the doctors office easily. Both methods of gaming are good and neither ultimately suck. Funny you mentioned the game gear. Minus a few games that thing blows but guess what you can play it on your phone! Along with the other handhelds you mentioned! Why are people so stuck to these locked down gaming consoles? What's wrong with freedom?

  8. The Dalek Destroyer says:

    You don't like free to play games tf2 is a free to play and that's a good game

  9. Kilee Moore says:

    He's dumb I'm playing ocarina of time right now on my iPhone 6 using happy chick FOR FREE!!! Phones are better!!!

  10. TylR Gaming says:

    This was true until Pokemon go.

  11. Harry's letsplays says:

    yeah but theres still those dumbass touchscreen controls!!!

  12. Matthew Holder says:

    The 3DS is a great handheld console, but mobile games do have a few gems. But I agree the control possibilities are limited without extra hardware; such as the Bluetooth controllers for Android is an example, but still not universally used. I would say the 3DS, though far inferior as a machine on paper than today's mobile devices, is still the superior gaming platform. It seems the real reason for this is Nintendo's commitment to only allowing the release of high quality games as the single reason why their handheld machines will probably always be the best in mobile gaming. Google and Apple only care about security and treatment of the customers, not about the quality.

  13. Jonathan Mello says:

    Hahahah what a dumb video, listen kid, did you ever played Ocarina of Time on a mobile? Because I did, in HD, with my WIRELESS CONTROLLER (Ipega 9025) not that awful 3ds controller.
    And it's obviously that you've never played AAA mobiles games, like GTA SA, GTA VC, Dead Space, Need For Speed and tons of games that can be played on emulators! I can play ALL n64 games, PsOne games, Snes games, NES games, Arcade games and the list goes on! OMG you are so ignorant! I bet Nintendo paid you to say all these bullshit, even Nintendo knows Handheld consoles will face an end, and I'm sure in the next 5 years I will be playing all your 3ds games on my device, for free! Wake up!

  14. Gun Gamer says:

    I love the 3ds especially the newest one it's so much fun to play on the go and the battery life is so much better compared to games on my phone

  15. Lander D says:

    There are some great mobile games with great touch consoles! One example of one is Magic Rampage…

  16. UitchatZero says:


  17. supernightslash says:

    Why is this even a debate? 3DS, obviously!!

  18. Nick Bacon says:

    The only good phone game I've played is a port of The World Ends With You which was on the DS and used the touch screen most of the time it's actually probably better than the DS version because it's HD and you only have to manage one screen

  19. Jason Booth says:

    I've given mobile games a very fair chance and they let me down everytime… The handheld market isn't going anywhere.

  20. Hudson Tyler says:

    I hate OOT