No Bezels, No Problems – Unboxing the Ubik Uno

You may have seen rumblings on the internet about the ‘kickstarter phone’. That phone is the Ubik Uno.

Read more about the Ubik Uno:

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20 Responses to No Bezels, No Problems – Unboxing the Ubik Uno

  1. Harry Sax says:

    Too much bottom for on screen keys

  2. Ian Hoswell says:

    I bet some poor scrub suffered from you accidentally saying MicroSD when you meant MIcro USB. They ingored the on-scren text that corrected it and were thinking ,"Thanks, TechnoBuffalo! I was wondering where to insert my MicroSD card!" And they jammed it up there and broke the phone.

  3. Shadow Slayer says:

    looks like the sharp aquos crystal

  4. imperial fire says:

    now i want one more thing that i dont need…fuuuuuckkk!!

  5. Dee Dee says:

    HTC please take fucking notes.

  6. Gard dosa says:

    is that a SONY XPERIA??

  7. Lazar Nedeljkovic says:

    the only thing that i wouldnt get this phone for is the back that gives me goosebumps

  8. wowcat says:

    ugly phone

  9. U.M. L says:

    back side of tis phone is shit, and this price is shit for this phone shit :D

  10. Ebrahim As says:

    nice video. big thank

  11. waqar anwar says:

    looks pretty much like Sony

  12. Agent BuBu says:

    my RN3 has a 4000mAh one and charges in 2 hours or so with no quickcharge thing… btw, that chipset doesn't support quickcharge, mediatek doesn't support quickcharge.

  13. Lucy Alice Whitten says:

    What a beautiful phone :)

  14. adrian testiculese jackson (DogSpit) says:

    This is a very ugly phone. The blu life one x is beautiful with all the same specs for only $150

  15. abeness says:

    Who would be the service provider upon purchasing the device?..

  16. Ramesh Kr. Pudasaini says:

    It seems to be scams, They are not delivering the phone, so Don’t believe this, They haven’t manufactured this phone

  17. Null Null says:

    where to buy this phone

  18. Christopher Parker says:

    wow 30 sec adverts..

  19. BUZDRIFT says:

    ie frame