Nokia Lumia 525 Windows Phone Unboxing – Indian Retail Unit

Nokia Lumia 525 Unboxing, the Lumia 525 Windows Phone is the successor to the popular Lumia 520 budget orientend Windows Phone and this new Lumia 525 comes with 1 GB of RAM and I do the unboxing.

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Nokia Lumia 525 SIM Install First Boot Setup & Hands on Overview

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20 Responses to Nokia Lumia 525 Windows Phone Unboxing – Indian Retail Unit

  1. Oliver Masangcay says:

    @Dhruv Raghav Shut up

  2. Justine Abalos says:

    very good phone, am using it right now

  3. Ali Kazi says:


  4. Nagendra Prasad Kallepalli says:

    ranjit bhayya i bought lumia 525 it sometimes not able to open temple run2,when it opns it is running the game with glitches is it the problm with d phn or is it software prblm can i resolve it plz help me

  5. Axel Blaze says:

    Can anybody help me please..i purchased a lumia 525 and i also create a Microsoft and xbox account but i cant install apps it shows SET UP MY FAMILY first..i don't know what is my family

  6. Techno Geek says:

    Sir i like ur videos very much but do you do a give-away

  7. lax wang says:

    i have lumia 525 , i want to update windows 8 to 8.1 so please. Help me

  8. Techype says:

    Ranjit do answer. Which phone would you recommend Nokia Lumia 525 or Moto G? If os is not an issue. Do answer please.

  9. Anshuman Borgohain says:

    Hello sir can you help me out in choosing between Xperia M and Lumia 525??

  10. Dhruv Raghav says:

    hello sir,
    actually i am planning to buy a new phone with good battery backup and great performance and storage. i am really confused between two devices: 
    1) lg optimus g pro
    2) nexus 5
    so, what would you suggest?
    please do reply /
    thank you 

  11. Mandeep Baweja says:

    is it using the nokia's clear black display or the normal one , the lumia 520 was playing asphalt 7 very well , i think this one should play asphalt 8 and temple run oz very well..and one thing more is this better then lumia 620 or not and one more thing does it has flash pls answer me…:))


  12. Vishal sundararajan says:

    this phone does not MAGNETIC COMPASS so how this will affect the phone's performance or during navigation

  13. Vijay SB says:

    Hello Sir, I want to buy a good smartphone and i cant keep on changing the phone every year. I have some budget too. i am confused on which one to buy either the lumia 525 or the motorola moto G.pls hlp me in coosing frm any of these…. 

  14. Venkat Narsi Reddy says:

    Sir please make the full review od moto g and aslo many are talking about the hidden extenal sd card slot in moto g please tell about it. Please sir….

  15. arunbadruka12 says:

    you could have done hands on & turning on the phone to in these same video 🙁 

  16. Android Da Dhaba says:

    Hi sir nice unboxing, i wanna to see a camera review on Nokia Lumia 525 because Lumia 520 has a pretty good camera as you said in your previous Lumia 520 review. Sir if you do a camera review please compare the photos or videos with Nokia Lumia 520, so that we can conclude that which one has a great camera quality. Waiting to see a Camera review with a topping of nice gaming review.

  17. Salman Ashik says:

    what is your real job. Do you need an assistant to just edit the webpage etcc… 

  18. Mihir Kandoi says:

    I got this for 9600 xD

  19. Rain Man says:

    which phone is better galaxy grand quatrro or moto g 

  20. Rahul H says:

    sir, which s good …samsung galaxy core or nokia lumia 525