Old cell phones are a gold mine | Made in Germany

Just about all Germans have three of four old mobile telephones lying about in a drawer somewhere. That’s more than 72 million cell phones country-wide. But simply throwing them away is what’s really wasteful. The electronic elements of cell phones contain valuable materials such as copper, silver, gold and rare earth metals which can earn their owners good money!Germans can sell their old mobiles on the Internet portal”Wir kaufens”. The company that runs it, asgoodas, from Frankfurt-Oder receives more than 6000 cell phones a month. In the US and Britain, such opportunities have existed for a long time. Now the business is gaining momentum in Germany.
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20 Responses to Old cell phones are a gold mine | Made in Germany

  1. Ezerio Auditore says:

    Mickey mouse

  2. Laura Anderson says:

    i like the copper as well

  3. James Longworth says:

    Lots of good stuff

  4. Lex C says:

    Well done Germany

  5. Adrián Alcón Żurawka says:

    If you like retro cell phones, you will like my channel ;)

  6. Aaron Kappel says:

    I suppose that dirty and dangerous work should be for 3rd countries?

  7. Benjamin Quni says:


  8. bestsmach says:

    Siemens SL45i forever

  9. Leroy Omo says:

    I need more clue please.

  10. fenicks2 says:

    Aww, dirty work

  11. dino 0429 says:

    0:18 Nokia 3310 spotted again :)

  12. ESTAndere says:

    I bet they have a backroom for nokia 3310 because they cannont destroy them. :D

  13. MrCowman121 says:

    most of them are iPhones because apple wants the fanboys to buy their Ipads and iphones, then they throw away their old phone.

  14. Andrew Howden says:

    recycling!, last time I had a delivery I kept the box in the bedroom overnight to get rid of in the morning.
    I woke up about 3am to this stink of raw fish!, no it was the cardboard box disintegrating as everything is recyclable !

  15. Ayaan Shaikh says:

    save money

  16. gmod112 (FilmQ Inc.) says:

    i see the nokia 3310

  17. Abdul Jaleel says:

    wach & save money

  18. skodakiass says:

    3:39 he works for abstergo industries

  19. THE BACON LORD !!!!!! says:


  20. giorgi kvaratskhelia says:

    I am really interested of how muchncan my nokia 220 cost it is about 4 years old. The small screen ones.