Perfect Phone to Replace Your Recalled Galaxy Note 7- LG V20 Unboxing, Review, and Compare

As an owner of the recalled Galaxy Note 7, I thought long and hard, did a lot of researched, and changed my mind several times on what phone to get instead. I ended up ordering the LG V20. This is an unboxing and review while comparing the features of the note 7 and V20.
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20 Responses to Perfect Phone to Replace Your Recalled Galaxy Note 7- LG V20 Unboxing, Review, and Compare

  1. DaTickizevil says:

    my lgv20 will be here wed!!! but when ever they release the note 8.. v20 is out of here lol

  2. Spardas Tech Reviews says:

    Plus on LG's stock launcher you can make your own icons and a lot of icon packs on the play store work with it too.

  3. Spardas Tech Reviews says:

    There's a plastic covering on the fingerprint scanner take it off and that should help. Lol

  4. Rekia Martin says:

    Play with the phone first then give a review you dont know how to use the finger print i hate seeing bias reviews …they are not dependable

  5. Rekia Martin says:

    Take the plastic off

  6. Micah Jamison says:

    prolly the only review that I totally agree with ..some reviewers hype the camera to much..I liked the edge screen but my hands are meaty to…I don't agree with your take on the fingerprint tho..did you take the plastic off?.. besides that everything you said about the phone is what I thought about it..the note 7 tho I was instantly excited about that phone cuz it was soo pretty…with this phone with the 2 days that I have grows on you

  7. bmsyko says:

    Wow amazed that this guy still was using his Note 7 even though he knew it was getting extremely hot to the point that the screen was cracking smh…why? Nice to know that you finally returned it. Also maybe something wrong with your fingerprint scanner because even with the plastic on mine's is super fast, super responsive, love it! I'm getting all day battery life, but I'm not a heavy user

  8. harlowe espina says:

    From initial impressions on my V20 coming from the Note 7, the V20 is way smoother. no keyboard lag as of yet

  9. Gary Criswell says:

    I'm in the same situation, but in Spain with my Note 7. Just have to leave my phone at the airport. When I get back next weekend I'll be picking up the V20.

  10. Cam says:

    Well the S8 is getting rid of the home button and getting dual cameras. I would wait for the S8 but I really like the wide angle lens, and I don't think the S8 is gonna make that second camera wide angle.

  11. Felix Canari says:

    The finger print is not working well trys the fingerprint scanner it works

  12. Chris Kontoravdis says:

    I have the Note 4 and was going to get the note 7 until the disaster, now the V20 is my next phone for sure, I bet the screen is great anyway but on the s pen well I see on the 2nd screen on the v20 it has a note app already preinstalled sure it doesn't have the pen but you can use your finger I would think.

  13. Laverle Dugger says:

    my main thing is the camera, if the v20 has a great camera I'm sold

  14. Bk94541 says:

    I DID THE SAME THING TOO from MY note 7 ..THIS IS THE BEST REPLACEMENT ..ordered mine from TMOBILE …But even i talked to ROYAL customer service they cant give me Credit on shipping and $20 activation fees ..they cant do it anymore, .U dont get the same pop/vivid colors an all on LG because is NOT AMOLED screen THATS WHY..but is nice & bright ..only thing i miss with NOTE 7 is Samsung pay i cant fuckin go back and get that Tiny little S7 edge ..i like BIG phones & screen,this is GREAT phone & nice price till next year, get back on NOTE train again..U get $150 Free Lg headphone & If u have ANY Old or new 4G phone ..u can take it to TMOBILE and get $200 credit from LG & TMOBILE so phone gonna finish up for u $570 ..thats fuckin hella of phone for under $600..Fuck Iphones & that overpriced barebone Pixel..fuckin american phones dont give u shit as any free offers and they overpriced for their fuckin boring phones ..about finger print on this .. have a thin plastic on it make sure is off & is works great no problem,even my friends dont have problem with finger print ..I know & had NOTE 7 is the best of the best & i buying NOTE phones & only NOTE since NOTE 2 U cant or find anything better an that ..BUT this is a great replacement & GREAT price to go with it for now …U cant fuckin BEAT that , till NOTE 8 gonna release next fall & get back on it@!

  15. Jay Dub says:

    You have manual video you need to use for low light videos you can tweek it for awesome videos

  16. nerdychapina says:

    I am also a samsung note 7 victim so I appreciate you making this video! I'm still waiting until the 28th to get my phone from AT&T but I've been skeptic and second guessing myself on getting it. After seeing this though I'm definitely getting this phone now!

  17. VanCleff007 says:

    I still not sold on that phone, there's a better choice the Note 5

  18. Danny Schwebke says:

    "I always take care of my stuff' Throws phone bomb on table with clunk… baahahaha

  19. Scott W says:

    you have to charge your battery so much because you have your screen cranked up to 100% brightness!

  20. DJ GMONEY says:

    I am in the same boat. I don't want to turn in my Note7. There is no phone like it. Thanks for putting this out there. I have been thinking about the V20, S7 Edge or iPhone7 Plus. I am an Apple hater but the options for decent Phablets are limited. Good video.