Pick Your Smartphone Giveaway!

Pick Your Smartphone Giveaway!

Pick a flagship. Any flagship. Smartphone giveaway!

Jon (TLD) video: https://youtu.be/PIQPiuz8R0I

Winners: https://twitter.com/MKBHD/status/680976526909812736

Follow: http://twitter.com/MKBHD

Giveaway is international. Random winner selected at midnight 12/27, and announced on Twitter.

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46 Responses to Pick Your Smartphone Giveaway!

  1. Anthony Newman says:

    Super Dope Channel!!! Your My Go To Guy Before Any Reckless Decision When It Comes To My Next Phone..

  2. Suhad Ameen says:

    I want iphone 6 s

  3. Raman dwivedi says:

    I want iPhone 6s +

  4. shwe willy says:

    iphone 6s.sorry i think i’m too late.peace MKBHD

  5. Monowara Rahman says:

    iPhone 6s plus.

  6. rohan poojari says:

    6 plus edge obviously it’s the best

  7. Niki230000 Mardari says:

    jeff wants a samsung galaxy s6

  8. Sufyan Malik says:

    I need iPhone 6splus

  9. Jayden Lucas says:

    Samsung phone

  10. Daniel Kunnat says:

    I want to WIN the one plus 2

  11. EverythingTechnoPro says:

    s6 edge +

  12. Siddardh Mandava says:

    Iphone 6s

  13. Arnav Pandey says:

    Ipjone 6s plus

  14. ali rox says:

    i need a iphone 6s I just love it i was searching for and real giveaway then i got this greate vidio

  15. Duy Bảo Nguyễn Trọng says:

    I want an iphone 6s

  16. Siddharth Shah says:

    m i late for this?

  17. Harry Salvi says:

    I want the one plus 2

  18. deamurati deamurati says:

    iphone 6s

  19. Naimish Nikhil says:

    I watch your all videos of your and I want to win Nexus 6p

  20. SSGSS 2 SASUKE Ultra over Ultra Instinct UCHIHA says:

    any colour your choice

  21. samer amz says:

    please pick me…
    any one phone.. no problem

  22. Arun ks says:

    I need IPhone 6s plus

  23. Sahil Akhtar says:

    I want iPhone

  24. Vignesh war says:

    wanna win Nexus 6p

  25. Rakib Mridha says:

    samsung galaxy s6 edge plus

  26. Nicklas Swanson says:


  27. Young reborn mommy #1 says:

    iphone 6

  28. alfred lawrence says:

    I would like to have a one plus two. please

  29. Rajen Mahanta says:

    I want i phone and i like your vid and i subscribe

  30. Abhinav Arora says:

    I would like to win an iPhone 6s+

  31. Sufyan Malik says:

    oneplus 2

  32. Raquel Talia Mack says:

    iPhone 6s plus 🙂

  33. Fauzan Arief says:

    iphone 6s

  34. Rakib Mridha says:

    samsung galaxy s6 edge plus

  35. Ashley Amarilla says:

    Hii can I have the Samsung six edge plus thank you all the love.xx

  36. Joleisa White says:

    Samsung note 5

  37. Mistarr Genboš says:

    Is this giveaway still going on or what??

  38. Hitech Mayuresh says:

    I want to get one

  39. zhen ting says:

    i wan s6 edge plus

  40. Fauzan Arief says:

    my phone so bad only 512mb ram

  41. Matei Mercioiu says:

    I’m losing faith in humanity.
    How the fuck do you people think the giveaway is still avalible?