PINK GOLD Galaxy S7 Edge Unboxing/ Hands On

PINK GOLD Galaxy S7 Edge Unboxing/ Hands On

Got my hands on the new edition to the Galaxy S7 lineup. Pink Gold S7 Edge!

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18 Responses to PINK GOLD Galaxy S7 Edge Unboxing/ Hands On

  1. Marcus Suarez says:

    Is this a Sprint only thing????

  2. Bobby Jay says:

    I'm a guy and I would buy this just for the colour.

  3. WhenABearAppear HD says:

    its so tempting to get the pink gold version.

  4. blacknetizen says:

    Goodness gracious…I was set on the blue coral Note 7, but this is giving me serious flashbacks to when all I wanted was a pink razr lol

  5. WEVA111 says:

    it looks like a bottle of peptobismal

  6. simmers lovelife says:

    Wow love the color. Im on the fence about getting a note 7 or s7 edge because even though money is no issue I want a phone thats going to last a long time. My favorite phone was the lg curve then when that got stolen i went with the note 4 and love the s pen features but it dropped and broke. The only thing is ive been without a phone for almost a year now and want something I can keep for a couple of years I dont want to have to upgrade for a while. Which one would you recommend?

  7. Nirav Deshmukh says:

    did it had blue earphones

  8. Lee Cason says:

    looks better than cra0py rise good which isn't even shiny.

  9. Vernell Hood says:

    the way you talk to the phone it should be blushing. .lol

  10. 1missshay92 says:

    looovveee ❤
    this makes me want to wait to get the Note7 just in case they come out with a pink one later. smh

  11. carlos quiles says:

    You make great videos bro. I subscribe

  12. Marlous B. says:

    Keep doing ya thang bro!

  13. MagicalWingLT says:

    Was just on Sprint and I don't see this listed….

  14. C Dem says:

    you should sell me than one for my wife!! hahahaha

  15. Kyle Renaldo says:

    way u get dat color…Hmmm never C it…orr hear dey having dat color

  16. Bo Vorachack says:

    damn, me wants!

  17. Alan Rodriguez says:

    how did you get the note 7 early?