Pop corn with cell phones

Created by Lastfools (www.lastfools.com)
Made by Tingo (www.tingofilms.com)
Media strategy : DBA Interactive (www.dba-interactive.fr)
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20 Responses to Pop corn with cell phones

  1. สุพล สุขศรีมั่งมี says:

    คลื่นมือถือ อันตรายตัวจริง

  2. 夏目 says:


  3. Kristoffer Sorensen says:

    Anyone remember this one? Gotta love our old school cell phones…

  4. Θεόδωρος Στυλιανός Κονδύλης says:

    Κατερίνα ετοίμασε το καλαμπόκι.

  5. Satyen Pandya says:


  6. ladysman8 says:

    wats cardeo systems

  7. truetoourheart says:

    w/e ur just jealous

  8. purplecharger88 says:

    It actually is a hoax and they have already been called on it.