Pop corn with cell phones

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20 Responses to Pop corn with cell phones

  1. inv3ntiv3 says:

    ofc it works, microwave =) cell should have microwaves to. depends what cell u got and depends how u try to make this trick.

  2. onexero1 says:

    fake. thats not even english they're speaking

  3. babbersabber says:

    I tried it….and it works!

  4. serenity707979 says:

    They are Japanese.

  5. str33ts3sh says:

    wtf are u saying

  6. Kyledrumboy says:

    I tried it… doesnt work

  7. hudson334 says:

    i cant tell u how it was done… because its fake haha

  8. AkireChan11 says:

    you saw the episode?!?!?! can you tell me how it was done plz =)????


  9. hudson334 says:

    its fake it was on mythbusters

  10. HKichen says:

    I,for one don't know! Perhaps it works, perhaps it doesn't… But its fun to watch them having fun.. I MEAN U GUYS SERIOUSLY UM…TRIED IT OUT??? :0( to the commentators)

  11. MadMax says:

    well all of you that are claming to know its fake are obviously experts in the field of microwaves and cell phones, so exactally how many watts of microwave energy does the average phone emmit to reach the nearest cell towers???
    how much does your WI-FI router emmit and how far does that reach??? get back to me when you know the asnwer and if you claim its fake explain scientificly how you came to that conclusion!

  12. RabezZz says:

    u think u hurt me with that now?
    fuck u man i dont fucking care

  13. RabezZz says:

    ya maybe but its fake for real
    i saw it in tv..
    u cant fucking make pop corn with cell phones
    if u dont believe try it even with thousand cell phones, u wont get shit ^^"

  14. select899 says:

    If its fake some damn good editing!!

  15. guhpol says:

    it is true that cellpnones emit some microvawes but cordless headsets will not protect as they also do emit same microwaves!!! just headphones (with cord) can be helpfull somehow!

  16. RabezZz says:

    this is fake u idiots

  17. publicenemy1010 says:

    do you know how pop corn pops? The water in the middle of the kernel has to evaporate, so that would mean the cell phones would have to heat them up to about 241 degrees Fahrenheit

  18. outup says:

    just so everyone knows what this faggot said
    he said "pinches amarillos deformes son una mierda estafadores" which translates to "misshapen yellow petty crooks are a shit