Real truth about cell phones – Hidden secrets revealed

Top level hidden secrets revealed about cell phones iphone 7 iphone 7 plus samsung note 7 all phones. So watch this video before watching full review, unboxing of new iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus or samsung note 7.
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If you still wanna buy iphone 7 plus or galaxy note 7 comparison then look for drop test , crash test and knife test of these phones.
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18 Responses to Real truth about cell phones – Hidden secrets revealed

  1. Glenn Crawford says:

    That's dam scary

  2. Bruh Im That Guy says:

    are they srsly saying that phones can be hacked

  3. Cosmic Cowboy says:

    Good thing I moved all my money to a secure bank in Nigeria…

  4. Greysen Tiede says:

    " Back to 2 Cans and a string" Ha Ha Scissors, snip snip… NOOO! SEND THE PIGEONS at once, the message must be received.
    This is what happens when we rely too much on technology, we get into trouble.

  5. xX “THESORROW619” Xx says:

    the guy looks like putin… the president of Rusia lol

  6. rick dees says:

    Believe it or not even an off phone can be accessed. It's not enough to turn your phone off. You should take the battery out. I-phone owners can't take the battery out. The other option to taking the battery out is to turn it off AND put in a metal box only then it's unable to receive a signal. If it not turned off when inside a metal box (faraday cage) then the battery will be drained faster than normal because the phone not being able to detect a tower will keep pinging for one attempting to find a tower so it can receive a call should it be called.

  7. jj obiwan says:

    5:10 all the guy is doing there is logging into a OS called linux mint xD

  8. Michelle Underwood says:

    excellent thank you.

  9. mike michaels says:

    mobile phones are for downloading our D.N.A. we put to much into our phones that actually clones ourselves…

  10. Known As (Nitestaruk) says:

    Why are they highlighting info that has been known for last 20 years????

  11. Ken Williamson says:

    We really have no privacy anymore. They can take over our life at anytime just by getting into our computers and cell phones. I'm pretty safe once they see just how broke I'm maybe they will put some money in my acct. lol

  12. 27EeYOrE10 says:

    Lol this doku is weak as fuck. They spying on Chancelor Angela Merkel? Loool No they spying on everybody. It Was revealed NSA spied on Germans and weeks later it was revealed even Merkel was spied on. What did Germany do? Bow down and suck Obamas Black Cock.
    I hate Germany

  13. Ralphie_Boy says:

    Super Thumbs Up IKIJ2!

  14. Roberth Pilesund says:

    Well, it was fun while it lasted…. back to two cans and a string it is.

  15. Zachary Martinez says:


  16. None Ya says:

    Ok lets see. 1) I'm a nobody so I've nothing to worry about. 2) I'm poor so I have nothing to steal. 3) Out of 7.5 billion people my phone would be the last one called. 4) I use a crackphone ops! A Tracfone from Walmart and only us it for emergencies. and 5) I'm not paranoid enough to worry about it otherwise… happy thought  :)

  17. driveman says:

    Good segment but a little misleading pertaining to just mobile phones. If anyone is interested, this article explains more about SS7 (System Signaling 7):