Recycle Gold from old mobile phone. recovery from cell phones. Telefone alte Handys Gold Recycling

gold recovery from cell phones youtube. Old cell phones gold recycle gold from Gold-plated circuit boards Gold-plated connectors pin, kinds of electronic scrap. Waste recycling. How to Scrap old Cell Phones for Gold Recovery.
Archimedes Channel Update new video clip. Gold Recycle Finding gold Electronic Waste hidden. rare animal bizarre.
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Telefone alte Handys Gold Recycling. Goldgewinnung von Handys youtube. Alte Handys Gold Recycling-Gold aus Vergoldete Leiterplatten Vergoldete Anschlüsse Stift, Arten von Elektronikschrott . Müllwiederverwertung. Wie alt Handys für Goldgewinnung zu Schrott.
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20 Responses to Recycle Gold from old mobile phone. recovery from cell phones. Telefone alte Handys Gold Recycling

  1. Kallubanti Ramesh says:


  2. Salt Factory says:

    you do realize that gold plating is only a few microns thick and you need to recycle on a industrial scale to actually make a profit. just look how long it too to take apart one phone that only has about 5 dollars of gold in it. and that wasn't even taking into account the processing of the gold to separate the gold plating and melt the gold you would be smarter to scrap the lithium in the battery

  3. spider TV says:

    it,s real ? reply me please

  4. spider TV says:

    I can't believe

  5. LPR says:

    Disturbing music.

  6. Sooner Science Nerd says:

    is the metal mesh tin? recyclable?

  7. The Looserloyal says:

    is this real od cell phone has gold?

  8. Miggy de jesus says:

    don't drop that phone or else…

  9. Ah Alihussnain says:



  10. hoang tuan anh says:

    được đấy đồ ngu

  11. Paul MrX says:

    Good luck

  12. arno nabuurs says:

    waste of time showiong to tear shit appart and not show the result…. looser video

  13. Tim Ellison says:

    nothing about actualy recovering the gold here just pulling a phone apart

  14. Laid Back says:

    i have 52 old old phone how much u pay me?

  15. Raymoncool9 says:

    Nice video. Also, what's the music called??

  16. Vea Vannez Victoria says:

    I heard those cellphone bricks before people from the dinasour period used the brick-like no wifi gadget to scare the dinosaurs

  17. DeejayZbocur says:

    why not mill everything including the plastic parts into something like veeery small chunks or even a powder and then mixing this with the acids??

  18. WeedGames says:

    nice music!!! kkkkkkkkkk

  19. Jovic Jovic says:

    In 100 mobile….How much gold?