Retro Commercial – Radio Shack Cell Phones – 1990

Introducing a revolutionary new concept… a cell phone you can CARRY WITH YOU. Sure, you have to wind it up and add plutonium, but it’s worth it. Ah, the early 90’s.
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10 Responses to Retro Commercial – Radio Shack Cell Phones – 1990

  1. Peter Olsson says:

    Please! this is from 1980's. The Nokia 2140 was launched on 28th April 1994. Back then many mobiles was smaller (but thicker) than the smartphones we have today.

    Check out this link for more info,

  2. Gary Hoffman says:

    We really have come a very loooong way. I couldn't imagine myself carrying that thing when I am out of the house.

  3. nils365 says:

    Family nerd and their first "mobile" phone. Adorable…

  4. Gego/XAREN ゲゴザレン says:

    I always cringe a little when someone says "Cell Phone"…
    It is a mobile phone gawd damn it!

  5. kalsolarUK says:

    you could get a hernia carrying that thing around

  6. blondsdoitbetta says:

    That kid is playing on the prototype iPad.

  7. Ayin B says:

    I think this is ios7 version

  8. Shane Dale says:

    Predates the Zack Morris phone.

  9. CanadianHitman08 aRagingCanadian says:

    I wonder if it has LTE

  10. Father Wendigo says:

    0:21 …and it's thanks to this little shit that we're all living through the second depression.