Samsung Galaxy C5 Gold – Unboxing & First Look! (4K)

NEW Samsung Galaxy C5 Unboxing & First Look! Samsung’s iPhone!
Best Price –
* I deleted the original video by mistake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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19 Responses to Samsung Galaxy C5 Gold – Unboxing & First Look! (4K)

  1. Husna Yosufi says:

    why it looks like Chinese o.O

  2. mr.nrudd 19 says:

    the phone has 4 gigs of RAM

  3. kapil amatya says:

    ashole sleepy or what

  4. Rollie Gonda says:

    Bezels at the top/left/below has a black thingy. The one on the right doesn't

  5. Random_person says:

    this shit is fake!

  6. Μεταξια Βασταζου says:

    Ποσο κανει?

  7. Μεταξια Βασταζου says:

    Ειναι το πιο τελειο κινητο που εχω δει στη ζωη μου… το λατρευω…!!!

  8. Florinel787 says:

    i will upgrade to this after i finish with my j5 next year ;)

  9. Mohsin Abbas Rahupoto says:

    hey guys! so its time to unbox the new samsung galaxy c5 from samsung. And I thought, it was of sony.

  10. imalive19 says:

    finally a British accent ! why do I get only into Indian reviews? anyway, thank you for your unboxing review! I've ordered a pink C5 since everyone around me got gold phones (Hope it will be a more pale pink. ) Can't wait to have it in my hands! It seems a pretty good phone. Hopefully the battery will last at least one day ..

  11. Ohi Abdulla says:


  12. dante va says:

    it has NFC?

  13. Wehn Haraseb says:

    didnt know there was a C5

  14. Wolf xxx ninja Phillips says:

    why is Samsung coming out with all these phones Samsung Galaxy s6 s6 edge s6 edge plus galaxy s7 s7 edge a3 a5 j5 j1 now this galaxy talk about confuse up the market

  15. Telgz says:

    Broo u r the best !!

  16. Muneeb Ahmed says:

    galaxy c7 unboxing plz! And full video review

  17. Pruthvi Sujeeth says:

    Any Idea about Whn is it launching World Wide (in India)

  18. Lorem Ipsum says:

    at last Samsung changes it's design

  19. Nathan Zanny says:

    Bruh. Update the phone then you will get the optimizing app